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The Dragon's Enchanted Keep

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

Embark on an adventurous roleplay where you transform your living space into a medieval castle and become the characters in a tale of kidnapping and teasing. One of you becomes a flirty dragon, capturing a princess and treating her to a life of luxury within an enchanted keep. Through playful inter…

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  • Transform your bedroom or living room into a medieval enchanted keep where the dragon resides. Dim the lights and use candles (safely) for a mystical ambience. As the princess, you find yourself in a lavish chamber filled with silks and treasures, initially afraid but curious about your alluring captor.
  • The dragon (played by one partner) reveals themselves, not as a fearsome beast but as a charming and witty creature. Their imposing presence is tempered with a flirty demeanor as they present you with extravagant gowns and jewelry, insisting you are now the treasure of their hoard. The dragon showers you with compliments, while playfully teasing you about your new royal life in their keep.
  • As the princess, you're swept up in this luxurious, yet confining life. Indulge in the role of a pampered captive, exploring the 'castle' chambers and challenging your captor's wiles with your own charm. Will the dragon convince you to embrace your new life, or will you seek an escape from this enchanting imprisonment?

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, gather items to create your medieval setting. Think of plush pillows, soft blankets, faux furs, and costume jewelry to resemble a hoard of treasures. If possible, find a fancy dress or fabric to resemble a gown for the princess to wear.
  • The dragon character should also prepare their outfit. Look for items that have scales, are in deep green or black colors, and anything that evokes a regal yet slightly sinister edge. Craft or buy a pair of dragon wings or a tail for added effect.
  • Set the scene with a playlist of medieval tunes or ambient dragon’s lair sounds playing softly in the background. Safety is key with candles, so consider LED candles to avoid any fire hazard. Finally, draw up a mock 'ransom note' for added drama to begin your roleplay adventure.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Engage all five senses to make the scene more realistic. Use incense or scented candles to mimic the smell of a medieval chamber, and perhaps include some medieval-style snacks or drinks to taste.
  • Remember, consent and comfort are key. Establish safe words or signals to ensure both participants feel safe and respected throughout the roleplay.
  • Allow for improvisation within your roles. While the dragon is supposed to be the teaser, the princess can also exhibit cunning and playfulness to twist the story in interesting ways.

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