The Diplomat and the Coworker

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: any

In this roleplay scenario, you play a shy, virgin girl diplomat who is guided and seduced by your caring, dominant coworker. The scenario takes place during a crucial meeting with a foreign diplomat, where your coworker's protective instincts are triggered. As the scenario unfolds, you find yourself succumbing to your coworker's advances, leading to a passionate and forbidden affair.

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  • It's a Tuesday in April, and you're both at work, preparing for a crucial meeting with a foreign diplomat. Your coworker, a caring and experienced man, has been noticing your shy demeanor and innocent charm. He can't help but feel protective of you, wanting to guide you through the challenges of your career.
  • As the meeting begins, you find yourself seated next to your coworker. The foreign diplomat is charming and attractive, making you feel even more nervous. Your coworker, sensing your unease, leans in and whispers reassuring words in your ear, his breath tickling your skin.
  • The meeting progresses, and you find yourself growing more comfortable with the foreign diplomat's presence. Your coworker, however, notices the subtle flirtations between the two of you and decides to take action. He excuses himself from the meeting, leaving you alone with the diplomat. Little does he know, his absence only fuels the attraction between you and the foreign diplomat.
  • After the meeting, your coworker returns to find you and the diplomat engaged in a deep conversation. He can't help but feel a mix of jealousy and desire. He approaches you both, and as he does, he places a possessive hand on your lower back, making it clear that you are his.
  • Back in the office, your coworker takes you aside and confronts you about your behavior with the foreign diplomat. He tells you that he can't stand the thought of you being with someone else and that he wants to show you what a real man can do. He then proceeds to seduce you, taking advantage of your innocence and vulnerability.
  • As the scenario unfolds, you find yourself succumbing to your coworker's advances. He takes you to a secluded area in the office, where he slowly undresses you, revealing your innocent and untouched body. He then proceeds to show you the pleasures of the flesh, guiding you through the experience with care and tenderness.
  • As the scenario reaches its climax, your coworker takes you to new heights of pleasure, leaving you breathless and wanting more. The two of you continue to explore your desires, knowing that this is just the beginning of a passionate and forbidden affair.

Preparation steps:

  • Set the scene by dimming the lights in the office and lighting a few candles to create a romantic ambiance.
  • Buy a bottle of wine and two glasses to share with your coworker during the roleplay.
  • Purchase a blindfold and a silk scarf to use during the seduction scene.
  • Prepare a playlist of sensual music to set the mood and help you both relax.
  • Buy a small vibrator or a pair of nipple clamps to add an extra element of excitement to the roleplay.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Take your time with the seduction scene, allowing your coworker to build anticipation and create a deeper connection between the two of you.
  • Use dirty talk to enhance the roleplay, telling your coworker how much you want him and how he makes you feel.
  • Experiment with different positions and techniques to keep the roleplay exciting and unpredictable.
  • Don't be afraid to let your emotions show during the roleplay, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the experience.
  • After the roleplay, take some time to cuddle and talk about your experience, deepening your connection and intimacy.

Dialogue ideas:

  • I'm going to make you feel things you've never felt before.
  • I can't stand the thought of you being with someone else. You're mine now.
  • I've been watching you all day, and I can't help but feel protective of you.
  • You're so innocent, baby. I'm going to show you what a real man can do.
  • You're so beautiful, and I can't resist the temptation any longer.

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