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The Dentist and The Patient

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: Free

Experience an erotic roleplay scenario that lets you and your partner dive into exciting characters of a dentist and their patient. With a narrative that feeds off of specific power dynamics, your relationship will experience a new level of intimacy and trust.

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  • In this scenario, Ä°rem is a patient who has scheduled an appointment with her partner, the dentist. Her partner must command the situation, directing Ä°rem on what to do throughout the scene. From sitting in the waiting room to getting into the dentist chair and following the dentist's instructions is a part of the roleplay. Remember to stay in character – each interaction and conversation should be consistent with your roles, this will heighten the level of anticipation.
  • Whilst in the dentist room, the scene continues with each partner playing their roles appropriately. Ä°rem, obedient as she is, listens to all the directions given by her partner. The dentist, meanwhile, takes control, commands and engages in an intimate and erotic exchange. The nature of this scenario allows for a build-up of tension, which can translate into some satisfying intimate time.
  • The roleplay ends in the bedroom where the real action unfolds. This is where the playful banter and flirting culminate into something more passionate and intimate. Remember, the key to this role play is communication and consent, so have fun and enjoy each other's company.

Preparation steps:

  • Fortunately, the preparation for this roleplay scenario requires more creativity than financial investment. You will need to convert a portion of your home to resemble a dentist's office. This can be done by rearranging some furniture and makeshift props. Maybe even add some background music to enhance the experience.
  • Your outfits should match your characters but don’t necessarily have to be elaborate. Ä°rem could wear something simple like a patient's gown or a casual outfit – something you would wear to a doctor's office would be perfect. Her partner could wear a lab coat or a simple white shirt – essentially anything that symbolizes a dentist.
  • Finally, create a scenario in your mind of how you expect things would go at a dentist's office. This will help guide your conversation and actions during the roleplay to make it much more realistic and enjoyable.

You may need

Some tips:

  • It is very important for both partners to stay in character and to use their imagination extensively throughout the roleplay. This helps in immersing yourselves fully into your respective roles and enhances the overall experience.
  • This scenario involves a power dynamic, so it’s crucial to communicate and establish boundaries and safe words to ensure both parties are comfortable and in agreement of what the roleplay involves.
  • Always remember to have fun. The idea of roleplay is to explore new dynamics in your relationship and this should be enjoyable. The more you enjoy, the more memorable the experience will be. Don’t be afraid to laugh off any awkward moments!

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