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The Commanding Landlady

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: varies

In this scenario, the woman embodies a powerful and enticing landlady who enjoys exerting control over her property and tenant. The man plays the role of a charming and compliant tenant who must abide by the landlady's strict but exciting rules.

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  • Your partner, the resolute landlady with a knack for command, summons you, the tenant, to discuss some 'serious breaches' of the house rules. She's meticulously dressed and exudes an air of authority that's both daunting and arousing. The evening commences with her expressing concerns about your behavior. Perhaps the rent is late, or you've been too loud late at night, but each transgression comes with a titillating penalty.
  • She guides you through a series of tasks and challenges designed to reinforce her dominance and your submission to her house rules. These may range from domestic servitude, such as cleaning or serving her a drink to more personal services that indulge you both in the power play dynamic. With each task successfully completed, she rewards you with attention and sensuality, but missteps lead to playful punishments.
  • As the night progresses, the roles intensify and boundaries are pushed. The landlady might decide the tenant deserves a 'special' kind of lease agreement, making the evening lead towards an intimate and climactic renegotiation of terms. This powerful exchange of control and desire culminates in an unforgettable encounter where the home becomes a playground for adult fantasies.

Preparation steps:

  • The female partner should prepare by dressing in attire that makes her feel commanding and sexy - think of a tailored blouse, pencil skirt, and high heels. Adding accessories like glasses and holding a clipboard or a contract will augment the landlady persona.
  • The male partner needs to embody the role of a tenant who is eager to please. He should dress simply, perhaps in a way that suggests he has just come home from work or is ready to perform household chores - a casual outfit will do, but have a more submissive accessory like an apron within reach.
  • Set the mood in the home by creating a 'landlord's office' area where discussions about conduct and rules can take place. Soft yet commanding music can help set the tone for the evening. It's also critical to establish safe words and boundaries prior to starting the roleplay.

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Some tips:

  • Spend some time before the roleplay discussing what types of authority and power dynamics both partners are comfortable exploring within this scenario.
  • Make use of the entire house for the roleplay, allowing for different 'violations' of the house rules to occur in different areas. This will also introduce a sense of novelty and adventure.
  • Remember to keep the atmosphere thrilling but also light-hearted and fun to ensure both partners enjoy the roleplay without real-life power dynamics interfering.

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