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The College Crush

Duration: 5-6 hours
Budget: Variable, depending on the cost of costumes and props

This college-themed roleplay scenario takes place in Seoul, South Korea and is all about passion, romance and the excitement of first love. With this scenario, couples can pretend to be young college sweethearts in the midst of their budding romance, allowing them to revisit their own youth and flirting days.

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  • It's mid-term season at Seoul National University and you, be it Bastian or Ray, are buried in books, cramming for exams. You're at the university's main library, surrounded by bookshelves and hushed whispers. Bastian, portrayed as the popular guy in college who can make any girl's heart flutter with a simple smile, notices Ray, the quiet but intelligent girl who's just trying to get through her seemingly endless pile of notes.
  • Bastian believes Ray is prettier than any of the loud, attention-seeking girls who keep interrupting his study time. He decides she's the one he wants to know more about. Bastian boldly abandons his books, approaches Ray and whispers a simple but sweet greeting, melting her heart right away.
  • The scenario progresses throughout the night with study breaks filled with playful banter, sharing about each other's dreams, and soft touches that only heighten the fluttering feelings. The night ends with a sweet confession from Bastian, telling Ray how special she is to him. For the finale, they share a passionate kiss among the silent bookshelves, hidden from the world around them.

Preparation steps:

  • Most of the elements you need for this roleplay scenario are basic college essentials. Bastian and Ray should dress in casual college attire. Ray might wear a comfortable yet flattering outfit like jeans and a fitted tee with a cozy cardigan, while Bastian might wear jeans and a casual button-down.
  • You should get two backpacks filled with 'study materials' like textbooks and notebooks. The couple also needs two sets of pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and other stationary. For authenticity, print out some fake university IDs with your respective roleplay names.
  • Set the mood by creating a playlist of popular K-pop, classic love songs, and soothing ambient tunes that bring one back to those college days. Lastly, you could use a portable essential oil diffuser with a calming scent like lavender or chamomile to simulate the soothing feel of late-night studying at the library.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Both partners should have an understanding of the boundary lines. It's good to have a safe-word in place since the roleplay occurs in a public place.
  • Hold your role. To make the roleplay feel more authentic, don't break character until the scenario is over. Keep the playful studious behavior till the end.
  • Keep the volume down. Since this roleplay occurs in a 'library' (or at least a place where you're pretending it's a library), it is necessary to maintain the atmosphere by keeping your voices low.

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