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The College Athlete and His Admirer

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $200

Relive your youth with this charming and flirtatious scene set in a college backdrop. Show your softer side as a beloved athlete, being understanding and patient, while teasingly revealing tales of your sports victories. Watch as your partner, adorned in a cute but coyly provocative outfit, takes on the role of the shy and secret admirer. Experience the joy of discovering first love, full of giggles, shy glances and a surprise confession.

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  • Imagine this - You're living in a bustling Japanese city, crowned the ace of a prominent college's sports team. Your partner is a beautiful, shy girl who secretly admires you from the corners of the college library. Set the scene with a cozy evening in, enticingly decked out in your casual, alluringly humble athlete attire – maybe a loosely worn college jacket over bare chiseled abs.
  • You start off with an intimate home-cooked dinner, going low on the spice as you want to win her heart with your culinary skills rather than impress her with your machismo. The conversation carries around your sports life, letting your partner in on some exciting locker room tales, keeping it casual yet intriguing.
  • After dinner, move the evening into your ‘home library’, your living space adjusted to give the look of a cosy reading corner. Here, your partner would express her admiration for you, leading to a heartfelt confession of her feelings. This would slowly but surely increase the sexual tension between the two of you.

Preparation steps:

  • The preparations for this role-play would require setting up an area of your home to look like a cosy college dorm room, and another area into a personal library. You could invest in some college sports memorabilia or posters and maybe even a trophy or two to replicate the college athlete room atmosphere. For the library set-up, a couple of bookshelves filled with varied genres, a snug two-seater couch, and a soft rug could set the mood.
  • The dinner menu could include some popular and easy-to-cook Japanese dishes to bring that authentic experience home. Gather some genuine Japanese books, sports society magazines, and maybe a poster of a college sports team to add depth to the scenario.
  • You can get a ‘Sexy adult sports Jacket’ and ‘Sexy adult college shorts’ while your partner can look for a ‘sexy adult school-girl costume’ to make things appear as realistic as possible. A few scented candles and dimmed lights would make the whole setting even more comfortable and warm.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Your personas should be the primary focus, not your real-life personalities. As the admired athlete, be humble, patient, and a good listener. As the secret admirer, be coy, shy, and subtly flirtatious. It's all about creating and keeping up the tension through this period of 'getting to know each other' phase.
  • Spice things up by being playful. Tickle your partner's curiosity with funny yet intriguing stories about your adventures or misadventures. This helps in keeping up the playful and relaxed environment as well.
  • Remember, the thrill in this scenario lies in the 'unexpected' confession of feelings. Therefore, make sure your partner slips this in at the right time, preferably in the library scene where the mood has already been set with the intimate setting and interesting tales.

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