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The CEO and Secretary Bedroom Roleplay

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

This roleplay lets couples turn their bedroom into a workspace, playing a dominating CEO and devoted secretary. Become immersed in the exciting and slightly risqué dynamic of power exchange, using nothing more than their imagination, a briefcase, some office wear, and perhaps a prop or two.

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  • The scenario starts with the 'CEO' (the woman) arriving back home from a hard day at work, finding her 'secretary' (the man) ready to take her coat and briefcase. He's there to make her homecoming as smooth as possible, fetching her a drink or massaging her shoulders. The night unfolds as she assigns him tasks or errands, playing on the professional dominant-subordinate dynamic. As the night progresses, flirtation and teasing become part of the game, with the two of you enjoying the intense and playful interaction.
  • The high point of the evening would be when the 'CEO' decides it's time to review the 'secretary's work so far. This could lead to a romantic, intimate moment. Maybe she's satisfied and rewards her diligent worker, or perhaps his performance needs improvement, allowing for fun, spiced-up moments of 'discipline' and 'guidance'.
  • Finally, as the night ends, you both shed your characters, reminiscing about the fun and excitement you had. This scenario is not just about the game; it's also about communication, learning about what each of you enjoy, and exploring your relationship's dynamics.

Preparation steps:

  • Preparation for this roleplay is mostly about getting into the right mindset. Make sure both are comfortable with their roles and any boundaries are clearly set. This scenario requires you to immerse yourself in the characters and hence, talking about how far you would like to go before starting the game is important.
  • Dress up for the part. Have the 'secretary'= wear a business casual attire, while 'CEO' can go for more high-powered professional attire. Think about your character's persona and mannerisms, and try to reflect those in the role you play. You could bring some props too - a briefcase, a laptop, or any office supplies you have at home can add an air of authenticity to the setting.
  • If you want to elevate the scenario further, have a massage oil or a novel toy ready. Remember, props and toys aren't required, but they can add an exciting twist!

You may need

Some tips:

  • Don't rush into the roleplay. Take your time to immerse yourselves into the characters. This is about enjoyment, both in terms of the roleplay itself and in the shared intimate time.
  • Always remember the importance of consent. Ensure any play or punishments are agreed upon beforehand. Always check in on each other, making sure both are comfortable and enjoying it.
  • Try to stick to the characters and play around with the dynamics of 'power'. Try to make it as realistic as possible for the most fun and engaging roleplay experience. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourselves!

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