The Batwoman and the Riddler date idea illustration

The Batwoman and the Riddler

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $250

This imaginative roleplay scenario is tailored for the couple who want to dance between danger and desire, who indulge in invigorating play fights, and enjoy challenging each other with mind-bending puzzles. With PJ elegantly suiting up as Batwoman in sleek, dark blue latex attire, and EK cunningly disguising himself as The Riddler in an electrifying green ensemble, Gotham City's stage is set for a thrilling encounter.

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  • The fun commences with EK as the Riddler trapping the unsuspecting Batwoman, PJ, and challenging her to solve his tricky riddles to escape his ingenious trap. Father time seems to be on Riddler's side as he starts his devilish plan of robbing a bank, leaving Batwoman to her own devices.
  • After cracking the riddles, Batwoman manages to escape, and using her sharp intellect, manages to track down the ritzy Riddler. A spirited play-fight ensues between the two arch-nemeses. With her agility and wit, she succeeds in snaring him in his own trap. From then on, the tables are turned, and it's Batwoman's 'interrogation time', sure to make the Riddler sweat in more ways than one.
  • As the night descends, Batwoman hasn't forgotten about the bank robbery. The interrogation leads to a deviously fun treasure hunt across their home. The Riddler works to earn his freedom by solving her riddles in an entertaining, sensual hide and seek game aimed at finding the hidden 'loot'.

Preparation steps:

  • To set the tone of the evening, create the riddles ahead of time, ensuring they are clever yet solvable. Both of you should also familiarize yourselves with your characters. Read some Batman and Batwoman comics or watch the movies to truly get into character.
  • Take some time to dress up. For EK, bring the Riddler to life with a dark green latex outfit, boots, gloves, and, of course, a not-to-be-left-out mask. For PJ, slip into your alter ego Batwoman with a dark blue latex catsuit, boots, mask, and gloves.
  • You might also want to set the scene for a Gotham city at your home. You don't need a fortune to do that. A little bit of craft-paper for Gotham City's skyline silhouette and dim lights to create a dark atmosphere should do the trick.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Always remember, the key to a great roleplay scenario is the commitment of those involved. Fully embrace your respective characters and use all the quirks and characteristics that make your characters who they are.
  • Safety first. Even with play fights, ensure you communicate clearly and respect each other's boundaries. Establish a safe-word or safe action for any activities which might be physically rigorous.
  • Treat the role-playing scenario as an actual game night, a night for fun and connection. Keep an open mind and remember it's all in the name of good fun where everyone's a winner.

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