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Temptation Dinner Party

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $0

You and your partner play the role of two individuals who are drawn to each other at a dinner party, but there's a catch - one of you is in a relationship with someone else... Will the temptation be too much to handle, or will you remain loyal?

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  • In this scenario, you and your lover are at a dinner party making chit-chat with the other 'people' (imagine them) at the party. One of you is in a relationship with someone who is not at the party. The tension starts to build as the evening progresses, with stolen looks and longing glances across the room. The lines start to blur... Make sure to keep this a secret, there are other people around!
  • Mid-way through the party, there will be an opportunity to slip away 'to take a call'. This is your chance to confess your feelings. Use explicit language and paint vivid images of your attraction towards them but be careful not to get caught!
  • As the party starts to wind down and people start leaving, the real action between you two can finally begin. Remember you still have to be sneaky until everyone leaves. Once the 'guests' have left, surrender to your desires and let the tension explode into a night of intense passion.

Preparation steps:

  • This scenario takes place in your own house or apartment. No special preparation or setup is needed other than ensuring you have a quiet and comfortable space to set the scene for the 'dinner party'.
  • You need to dress up as if you were going to an actual dinner party. Think elegant, formal, but with a seductive edge. Make sure you are both looking irresistible to add to the feeling of temptation.
  • Before starting the roleplay, you need to decide who will be the 'cheater' and who will be the 'temptation'. Discuss boundaries, safe words and ensure that both you are comfortable with the scenario.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To make the game more interesting, place your mobile phone somewhere accessible. Your partner will be expecting the 'call' and the anticipation is part of the fun.
  • During the 'phone call', be as descriptive and sensual as you can. You're trying to seduce your partner and lure them into an affair. These moments should be full of tension and charged with sexual energy.
  • Remember, this is only a scenario and all acts are consensual. It does not condone real-life cheating in any way. The goal is to have fun and enjoy each other with the thrill of a 'taboo'. Use this scenario to spice up your relationship and increase your intimacy. Talk about your feelings and reactions after the roleplay.

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