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Teen Night In

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $50-$100

Plunge yourselves into an immersive roleplay scenario that harks back to your teen days. You'll be spending a night in, portraying yourselves as old friends, pining for each other but too shy to express your feelings. What better way than an intimate night in to finally reveal your innermost sentiments? The scenario perfectly combines nostalgia, playful innocence and passion, resulting in a unique, enchanting, and exciting roleplay that's sure to charge up your romance.

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  • You are both in your late teens, best friends who have known each other since childhood but have started developing feelings for each other. There's been some not-so-subtle mutual pining. Tonight's the night you both have decided to have a fun-filled night in, playing video games, eating pizza and watch a spooky movie to celebrate the upcoming Halloween season. However, tonight holds more in store. As the night progresses, the heavy atmosphere filled with unspoken feelings becomes more noticeable. You might be playing video games, but a quick glance exchanged or subtly brushing against each other sets the stage for more intimacy to unfold.
  • Once the pizza is finished and the scary movie starts, you both settle on the couch, getting comfortable. The spooky mood of the movie creates the perfect setting, a blend of fear, anticipation, and excitement. Somehow this leads to cuddling, a comforting arm wrapped around each other. With every jump or scream during the movie, you come closer, almost naturally. Maybe it's the magic of Halloween or the comfort of being in each other's arms, but in a bold move during a particularly scary scene, you steal a kiss, finally expressing the feelings you've been holding in for so long.
  • Liam, being the awkward, charming and playful character, is taken by surprise but is quick to reciprocate, adding a bit of humor to lighten up the otherwise intense setting. The night ends on an exciting note with new feelings explored, finally evolving from best friends to something more.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for this roleplay scenario, take a trip down memory lane. Dress up casually as you would when you were teenagers; think jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. Set up your living space to resemble a typical teenager's hangout. Arrange to have your favorite old-school video games and a stack of pizzas. Don't forget to arrange for the scary movie. Choose something that's spooky enough to warrant cuddles but not so scary that it kills the mood.
  • Next, you need to get into character. Liam's persona is to be handled by the partner who resonates with being awkward yet charming and playful. Spend some time remembering how you behaved as a teenager, your insecurities, your fantasies, your mannerisms. Truly getting into character will add authenticity to your roleplay.
  • Lastly, set up the mood. Lowering the lights when the movie starts and adding some Halloween decorations (like fake spiders or carved pumpkins) around the room can significantly enhance the atmosphere. The goal is to create an environment that's comfortable yet subtly hinting at the spiciness that's to come.

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Some tips:

  • Don't rush things. The scenario's charm lies in the build-up, the subtle glances, the soft brushing of hands, the beating around the bush before finally confessing your feelings. Balance the right amount of awkwardness and charm to really capture the essence of young love.
  • Remember, you are supposed to be teenagers. It might be a little challenging to behave like your younger selves. However, it's essential for the authenticity of the roleplay scenario.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Yes, there's a backstory, and you both are playing parts. But if at any point anything feels too structured or stressful, take a step back, laugh it off and carry on. Laughing at your own awkwardness can add a layer of intimacy that's hard to achieve otherwise.

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