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Teacher Meets Student

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$100

Hannah and Ryan, as a teacher and student respectively, enjoy an intimate roleplay session indoors. Brimming with playful power dynamics and light-hearted BDSM, this roleplay setup unveils a range of sensual and exciting activities for the couple.

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  • Hannah, the strict yet sensuous teacher, invites Ryan, her mischievous student to an evening of 'extra tuition'. The backdrop is a perfectly set up classroom scene at home, complete with a desk and chalkboard. The scenario revolves around Ryan being a bit of a troublemaker, and Hannah taking it upon herself to discipline him.
  • Ryan starts the game by entering the room, intimidated and apologetic. The educator, Hannah, is stern, not swayed by Ryan's apologies. She chastises him and makes him sit on the chair. The scene transitions into them getting closer, having cheeky exchanges, as Hannah eases her strict persona.
  • The game ends with a sensual activity between Hannah and Ryan, also known as 'special tutoring', where Hannah gets to indulge in her preferences.

Preparation steps:

  • Hannah prepares for her role by dressing up in the sexy adult schoolteacher outfit, complete with glasses and a ruler. Ryan, on the other hand, dresses up as a typical schoolboy, in a casual button-down and jeans. They prepare a room in their home to look like a classroom, with a desk, a couple of chairs, and small chalkboard.
  • Next, they establish some ground rules. Safety and consent are paramount in role-playing scenarios, so they ensure there are safe words in place. It's also important for them to discuss expectations and any hard limits they might have.
  • Lastly, they clean up and set up the area. As sucking and cum play are involved, hygiene is key. They ensure the area is comfortable and clean beforehand, to keep infections at bay.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Make sure to stay in character throughout the scenario. Hannah must withhold giving in to Ryan's apologies and maintain her stern facade. Ryan, on his part, should work on an innocent schoolboy persona.
  • Building up tension is key. The strict teacher easing up and giving the student some 'extra lessons' should happen gradually, creating a slow build-up of sexual tension.
  • Lastly, enjoy the roleplay. It's about having fun, exploring new dynamics and being intimate with your partner. If at any point things get uncomfortable, use your safe words and communicate openly.

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