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Tale of the Professor and Student

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $0

In this roleplay scenario, you and your partner get to bring your academic fantasies to life. The setting is a private tutor session, where one of you is the charming and knowledgeable professor, and the other, a studious and curious student. There is a twist, it's not your typical boring tutoring, as it's full of flirty exchanges, teasing tensions and mutual attraction. This fun and engaging scenario is perfect for an energetic, cute, and funny partner, who will definitely enjoy this educational excursion.

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  • The scenario begins with the professor preparing for the study session. As they go through some books and papers, the student arrives, ready for their study session. The session then evolves into a fun, flirty and exciting role play, where the professor and the student interact with each other, throwing in some playful academic jokes and teasing each other. They can pretend to be working on a challenging project or studying for a daunting test, with the student asking for extra help.
  • In between, the professor can praise the student for their hard work, appreciation that's met with playful bashfulness. As the roleplay progresses, tension escalates, turning the study session into a fun game of flirtations back and forth. At the end of the study session, both the professor and the student agree that studying has never been this fun.
  • Remember, staying in character and keeping up the playful academic banter is what really sells this scenario. The outfits and set up are also important, but it's the banter that brings this roleplay scenario to life. The professor should always be in control, staying calm and composed, while the student should be eager and excited to learn.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, the professor will set up a study area at home. This could be at a desk or even on the kitchen table. Arrange an array of books and stationeries across the table for a more authentic feel. It will also be a good idea to have a notepad or a whiteboard where you can write or draw just like in a real classroom.
  • Next, both partners should dress up accordingly. The professor can wear something that carries an air of authority, like a white shirt and trousers while the student can dress in a more casual manner. This can be accomplished without any extra cost, using clothes that are already in the wardrobe.
  • Finally, ensure you've brushed up on your subjects before starting. The professor should be prepared to teach, and the student should be eager to learn. It could be any subject that you both find interesting. This preparation will make the roleplay more fun and engaging.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To make the most out of this experience, keep the dialogue playful and flirtatious. It's also important to respect each other's boundaries and ensure that both are comfortable with the role play.
  • You don't have to strictly stick to the script. Feel free to improvise and add little surprises to make it even more exciting. For instance, the professor could throw in a pop quiz, or the student might decide to be a bit rebellious.
  • Above all, have fun! Remember this is a game meant to bring you both closer and add some spice to your relationship. Enjoy it fully without feeling any pressure. This is your moment to explore and be adventurous!

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