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Taboo Tease

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

The erotic boundaries of this roleplay edge on the taboo. The idea is for the couple to play pretend siblings - a shy sister and an authoritative older brother, spicing up their ordinary moment with flirtatious teasing and desires. This scenario is designed to kindle the thrill of forbidden fruits, while it upholds the uncrossed line of fantasy. This is an ideal role-play scenario for partners who enjoy power play dynamics and teasing seductions.

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  • The scenario takes place in a homey casita somewhere in Mexico. The day starts ordinarily, the 'brother' is lounging around, reading a newspaper while the 'sister', shy yet temptingly flirtatious, is hovering around doing chores, taking every opportunity to titillate him with her subtle provocations. The brother, holding his ground, tries to stay composed but he's excited, aroused by this unusual game of chase.
  • Eventually, she 'accidentally' brushes against him, inflicting an undeniable spark. The tension builds up, their heartbeats synchronize, and the room vibrates with anticipation. They look at each other, their breaths hitched, and the chase accelerates. The brother takes control, teasing her, not giving in immediately, taking each moment to build the atmosphere, the desire more tangible.
  • In this scenario, boundaries are pre-set, with a safe word in place. He's the authority, but the power truly resides in her hands. Her provocations, her submission, her resistance, every movement is fuel to the sexual tension. It's a game of tease, of chase, of temptingly dancing around the line of surrender.

Preparation steps:

  • Younger sister role should ideally wear a 'Sexy adult schoolgirl outfit' for the ultimate tease. As for the brother, going for a 'Sexy adult professor outfit' will lend to the authority.
  • Create a story around the theme. How did this innate sexual tension start? What are the limits, what are the boundaries? What are the safe words? Discuss and decide the small details. You can enhance the scenario by adding tasks that the sister 'accidentally' fails at, like a small chore or a game.
  • Set up your home to give it a semi-traditional Mexican dwelling vibe. Use what you already have at home to create an intimate and homey sphere. Don’t forget to maintain a comfortable, safe, and relaxed atmosphere. The scenario should be enticing yet respectful.

You may need

Some tips:

  • The key to this scenario is a mutual understanding and respect between partners. Remember that any kind of role-playing should always be consensual and enjoyable for both of you.
  • The whole idea is to tease, to escalate slowly leaving the resolve for the very end. Make sure to stick to the roles, maintain the brother-sister dynamic throughout the scenario. Do pay attention to non-verbal cues. If something doesn’t seem right, if the comfort seems disrupted, pause and talk it out.
  • Try to take the scenario in funny, light-hearted directions as well as erotically intense ones. The broad theme offers a chance to be playful and explore different dynamics. In the end, the primary goal is to strengthen the bond you share with your partner and enjoy the experience.

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