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Sweet Melody of Love

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $0

The Sweet Melody of Love roleplay scenario revolves around the intimate relationship between a considerate pianist named Urata, and his blind lover, amidst the tranquil settings of a house in Japan. This indoor setting invites the couple to express their love and care for one another through the majesty of music, teasing whispers, and gentle, sensual interactions.

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  • The scenario unfolds in their house, where a grand piano sits by the window, basking in the calm twilight. Urata, once fallen into a depression of music, finds joy again as he endlessly pours his love upon his blind partner with his soulful tunes. He teases and whispers sweet nothings into his partner's ear; however, with a sense of compassion, considering his partner's blindness. The essence of his melodies resonates with their love story, which takes a new turn every time he presses a key on the piano.
  • As the night deepens, the intimacy builds between the two lovers. Urata guides his partner towards their comfortable bedroom, promising him the sweet evening he was secretly longing for. Their laughter and whispers fill the room. Time loses meaning as they engage in gentle play, cherishing these private moments only they can share.
  • Urata, with his high but well-controlled libido, turns the situation more sensual. He takes the lead and narrates the scenario, making sure his partner is comfortable. Their bonds deepen as they share the evening, exploring each other in a symphony of touch and sound which reflects their genuine love and concern for one another.

Preparation steps:

  • The preparation for this roleplay essentially involves setting the stage ā€“ the music room with the piano and the bedroom. Ensure the spaces are clean and comfortably warm on the chill October evening. Lightly scented candles can create a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Urata might want to prepare some sweet treats as a surprise. Also, he should prepare a gentle piece of music to set the mood initially.
  • Being mindful of his partner's visual impairment, make sure to remove any possible obstructions in the way that might cause an accident. Safety is crucial for enjoying the session fully.

You may need

Some tips:

  • For this roleplay scenario, it is recommended to use a blindfold, even though one partner is blind, to provide the other with a sense of their significant other's world. It could be a bonding and trust-building exercise.
  • Consent is vital. Discuss the scenario beforehand and confirm your partner's comfort and willingness. Always keep a safe-word for situations that may become too intense for your partner.
  • Urata should remember to not only create a comfortable experience for his lover but also enjoy the process personally. Because of his lover's blindness, the focus is essentially on auditory and tactile stimuli. Use this as an advantage to understand and fulfill each other's desires and preferences.

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