Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse date idea illustration

Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $150

Immerse yourselves in a post-apocalyptic world where you are the last known survivors of a zombie outbreak. Navigate the perils of this new world together, scavenging for supplies, and fortifying your safe haven against the undead.

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  • The night is dark and the distant groans of zombies send chills down your spine. You and your partner are the last known survivors in the city. You communicate with hand signals, silently reminding each other, 'Stay alert, stay alive.' It's a dangerous world, but in each other's arms, you find the courage to keep going.
  • During the day, you venture out into the desolate streets, scavenging for food and weapons. The thrill of the hunt binds you closer. You watch each other's backs, saving one another from the brink, time and again. As the sun sets, you retreat to your safe haven, a fortified loft in an abandoned building, where you indulge in the comfort of each other's passionate embrace.
  • One night, as the full moon rises, a horde of zombies threaten the safety of your sanctuary. It's time to defend your last stand. Using your surroundings and limited supplies, you work as a team to thwart the undead, and when the last zombie falls, you collapse into each other's sweaty, exhilarated arms, hearts pounding, relieved you've survived another day.

Preparation steps:

  • Begin by transforming part of your home or chosen venue into a post-apocalyptic hideout. Use dark fabrics, furniture barricades, and scattered supplies to create a believable scene. Dim the lighting or use flashlights for an eerie ambiance.
  • Dress in worn-out clothing, add some fake blood and dirt to replicate the tough life of a survivor on the edge. If possible, wear dark colors and ready yourself with mock weapons such as toy guns or foam bats to enhance the survivalist vibe.
  • Sync up with intense background sounds or music that mimic the moans of zombies and other apocalyptic noises. Prepare some 'survival rations' for dinner ā€“ simple, canned, or packaged food that you would likely find during an apocalypse to maintain the spirit of the scenario.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Ensure all props and clothing are safe and comfortable to wear.
  • Before starting, agree on a safe word to use if the roleplay becomes too intense or one needs a break. Communication and consent are always key in a roleplay.
  • Engage in character backstories to deepen the immersive experience, discussing how you both survived this long and what you miss from the 'old world'.

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