Surprise Wine Tasting Date date idea illustration

Surprise Wine Tasting Date

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Budget: $60 - $100

Make your partner's ordinary day extraordinary by taking her to an unexpected wine tasting in Yerevan. Here, you will discover a wide range of luscious Armenian wines and have a chance to learn about the rich history of wine-making in the country.

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  • Your partner thinks that you will have a simple dinner in a restaurant. But, you take her to a cool winery in Yerevan instead, where you have a reservation for a wine tasting. As you get into the winery, you are greeted by its warm and romantic ambiance. A sommelier starts introducing you to the world of Armenian wines and guides you through the tasting. As the night goes deeper, you find yourselves more into each other, appreciating the wine, and the surprising turn the night took.
  • In between tastings, you can have deep conversations about life, discuss the wine flavors, or just simply enjoy each other's company. As the night ends, you can have a walk around the charming streets of Yerevan. This will be a night she will remember.
  • Surprise her with an impromptu slow dance to the soft background music, making the evening more romantic and memorable. By the end of the date, not only have you learned about wines, but you've also spent an intimate evening getting to know each other better. Nothing screams romance like surprising your loved one with an extraordinary date.

Preparation steps:

  • This date requires a bit of planning. You will need to make a reservation at one of Yerevan's most charming wineries. Choose a place with a romantic setting and a variety of Armenian wines. Do not forget to set a budget for the wine you’d be tasting.
  • To keep this a surprise, you might need to plan a decoy activity. Let her get dressed appropriately for a date but ensure she won't ruin her outfit at the vineyard - better prevent any clothes from being stained by wine.
  • Lastly, arrange for a method of transportation. Drinking and driving is not encouraged, so ensure both of you can enjoy the taste of the exquisite wines without the worry of driving back home. You may arrange a taxi or book ride-sharing services in advance.

Some tips:

  • Avoid heavy meals before going to the wine tasting to have a better appreciation of the wine. A small snack or cheese would be great for cleansing your palate. Get to know a little bit about Armenian wines before the date. It may help you in your wine selection and also impress your date.
  • While on the date, ask questions about the wine and participate actively in the bonding process. This demonstrates your interest and helps you both to remember the details of the wine tasting.
  • Make sure to appreciate the ambiance and relax. This night is about enjoying each other's company, appreciating good wine, and making lasting memories together. Once back home, end the night with a sweet note by surprising her with a bottle of wine she liked the most at the tasting.

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