Surprise Scavenger Hunt in Cabo Verde date idea illustration

Surprise Scavenger Hunt in Cabo Verde

Duration: All day
Budget: Varies

A surprise scavenger hunt in Cabo Verde will take you through sublime beaches, colorful markets, and stunning colonial architecture. Tease your partner's curiosity and love for adventure as you discover the beauty of this island paradise together.

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  • Begin this whimsical adventure from the comfort of your hotel. Hand your partner their first clue leading them to a local artist's street in the heart of the city, where their second clue is hidden. Have the clues lead your partner to various iconic landmarks, local markets, beautiful beaches, musical places known for Morna (Cesária Évora breakfast club), and an ultimate dinner spot by the beach.
  • Hide sundry mementos, floral arrangements or love letters at each location for your partner to cherish. The final clue could lead to a romantic beach dinner under the stars. Your partner is sure to be thrilled by the thought and effort you have put into planning this elaborate date, making it a day to remember.
  • Make the day more scenic by opting for locations like Praia city, Maio island or the famous Porto Novo, known for its stunning coastline and mountainous terrain.

Preparation steps:

  • Preparation is key for this date. Plan ahead, visit all the locations beforehand and arrange everything in advance with local business owners to ensure smooth sailing. Be sure to check the weather forecast to avoid any rain checks. Pack a bag of essentials including beach wear, sunblocks, and a camera to capture the magical moments.
  • Prepare all the clues written on handmade papers to give them an authentic feel. Reach out to local shops and partners to assist you in planting the clues and surprise elements at different locations. Make sure to arrange for a comfortable transportation method to navigate between the island's locations.
  • Lastly, arrange for a romantic set-up at the last location. This could be a private candle-lit dinner at the beach, complete with soft music and a bottle of local vine. Contact a local decoration service to ensure perfect execution.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Ensure the clues are clear and not overly complex so your partner doesn't feel frustrated. Keep hints ready in case they need help.
  • Talk to locals if you're unsure about the best spots for the scavenger hunt and leverage their knowledge about hidden gems in the city.
  • Lastly, don't forget to keep the surprises within your partner's likes and preferences. This is about them and they should feel loved and pampered throughout the day.

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