Surprise Ferris Wheel and Lake Picnic date idea illustration

Surprise Ferris Wheel and Lake Picnic

Duration: 4-6 hours
Budget: $100-$150

Surprise your loved one with a day of fun, excitement, and romance in Minneapolis. Start with a Ferris wheel ride in Betty Danger's Country Club, where you can enjoy splendid views of the city. Following the ride, head over to Lake Calhoun (also known as Bde Maka Ska) for a picnic amidst beautiful views. This date idea is a perfect blend of excitement, beauty, and tranquillity.

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  • Imagine the excitement and surprise on your partner's face when they realize what you've planned. You're first heading to Betty Danger's Country Club, where you're going to hop onto their unique Ferris wheel for a thrilling ride. As you ascend to the top, your date will be amazed by the views and the surprise.
  • Picnic baskets in hand, you head over to beautiful Lake Calhoun after the Ferris wheel ride. Choose the perfect spot by the lake, lay down a blanket, and unpack the food you brought. Bask in the warm afternoon sun, or time your picnic for sunset, turning the date into an incredibly romantic experience.
  • And if you're both up for it, rent a pair of bicycles and explore the surrounding areas. It may turn the day from merely fantastic to simply unforgettable.

Preparation steps:

  • Planning this surprise date well is key to making it special. First, check for Ferris wheel operating hours at the Betty Danger's Country Club website and arrange for the tickets beforehand to avoid any queues. Also, remember that surprises work best when you keep it under wraps, so don't spill the beans beforehand.
  • For the picnic, either prepare a special meal or purchase one, and have some of your partner's favorite foods in it. Don't forget to pack a comfortable blanket, as well as sunblock, bug spray, and a few outdoor games, like frisbee.
  • Lastly, if you want to take the bicycles, check for rentals near Lake Calhoun. Make sure to do this in advance if possible, that way everything is ready and waiting for you on the day of the date.

Some tips:

  • The surprise element is key in this date plan. Ensure you've played your cards close to the chest, and your partner doesn't have any clues about your elaborate plan.
  • picnic near a body of water can attract bugs, ensure to carry bug sprays. Also, considering the sunny afternoons of August, carrying an umbrella or a sun hat can be beneficial.
  • Finally, end your day on a sweet note, stop for some ice cream or dessert at a nearby sweet shop after your bike ride. It would be a perfect end to a perfect day.

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