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Surprise Encounter

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: free

You and your wife have been flirting with the idea of a threesome for some time now. This Tuesday, you've planned a surprise for her by inviting your best friend over for a casual dinner. As the night progresses, you can feel the sexual tension building between the three of you. The moment you ente…

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  • You and your wife have been flirting with the idea of a threesome for some time now, but you've never had the opportunity to make it happen. This Tuesday, you've planned a surprise for her.
  • You've invited your best friend over for a casual dinner, not letting your wife know about your secret plan. As the night progresses, you can feel the sexual tension building between the three of you.
  • As the evening comes to an end, you suggest that the two of you should go to the bedroom to 'clean up.' Your wife, not suspecting anything, agrees and heads to the bedroom with your best friend following close behind. As they enter the room, you follow them, closing the door behind you.
  • The moment you enter the room, you see your wife and best friend already engaged in a passionate embrace. You watch as they begin to undress each other, your wife's eyes filled with lust and desire. You can't help but feel aroused as you watch them explore each other's bodies.
  • As the passion between them intensifies, you decide it's time to join in on the fun. You slowly approach the bed, unzipping your pants and letting them fall to the floor. Your wife and best friend both turn to look at you, their eyes filled with excitement and anticipation.
  • Without saying a word, you climb onto the bed and join them in their intimate encounter. The three of you spend the rest of the night exploring each other's bodies, engaging in passionate and intense lovemaking. As the night comes to an end, you can't help but feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, knowing that you've finally made your wife's fantasy a reality.

Preparation steps:

  • To set the scene, make sure the bedroom is clean and inviting. Light some candles and put on some soft music to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Purchase some lubricant and condoms, just in case. Even though your partner mentioned no condom, it's always good to have them on hand.
  • Make sure you and your best friend are both clean and well-groomed. This will help everyone feel more comfortable and confident during the encounter.

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Some tips:

  • Communication is key during a threesome. Make sure to check in with both your wife and your best friend throughout the encounter to ensure everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves.
  • Don't be afraid to take charge and lead the way. Your wife and best friend will likely be eager to follow your lead and explore their desires.
  • Remember to be respectful of everyone's boundaries and limits. If someone expresses discomfort or wants to stop, make sure to honor their wishes and take a break.

Dialogue ideas:

  • Fuck, I can't believe we're finally doing this. You're both so sexy, and I can't wait to feel your bodies against mine.
  • God, I love the way you two look together. I'm so fucking hard right now, and I need to be inside you both.
  • I want to hear you both moan and scream as I fuck you senseless. Don't hold back, let your desires run wild.
  • Oh, baby, I've been fantasizing about this moment for so long. Watching you two together is so fucking hot.
  • No condoms, huh? I love the feeling of your skin against mine, and I can't wait to feel your warm, wet pussies around my cock.

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