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Sunset Fado & Portuguese Wine Tasting

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$100

Experience a special evening in Lisbon with your partner: enjoy traditional Fado music performance and indulge in fine Portuguese wine at a local wine cellar. The combination of the mournful melodies and the incredible flavors of the wine will ensure a date night to remember.

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  • Imagine walking down the narrow, cobbled streets of Lisbon hand in hand with your partner, under a sky painted shades of pink and orange by the setting sun. You head towards a charming little wine cellar, fitted with rustic wooden tables and lined with hundreds of bottles of wine.
  • Inside, you are greeted by the melancholic strains of Fado, Portugal's traditional folk music. You sit down and lose yourself to the soulful tunes sang by the Fadista, her voice merging perfectly with the stringed melodies of the Portuguese guitar.
  • You accompany this cultural immersion with a wine tasting session. Let the sommelier guide you through Portugal’s wide world of wine, as you savor several different types - from red and white to rosΓ© and the famous 'vinho verde'. This sensory feast of music and taste is sure to bind you and your loved one in a deep, shared experience.

Preparation steps:

  • In preparation for this date, it would be beneficial to do a little research on Fado music and Portuguese wine. Understanding the origins and significance of Fado will help you appreciate the performance more, and knowing a little bit about Portuguese wine will make the tasting session more informative and enjoyable.
  • Ensure to dress comfortably yet chicly. Lisbon's streets can be cobbled and steep, so avoid high heeled shoes. A light shawl or jacket would be ideal as evenings can cool down.
  • Optionally, you may want to reserve your places at your chosen wine cellar in advance. Some of the popular ones can get booked out quickly, especially during high season.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Make sure to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Don't worry about understanding the lyrics - Fado is more about feeling the music than understanding it. Let the haunting melodies carry you away.
  • During the wine tasting, don't hesitate to ask questions. Sommeliers are usually passionate about their wine and keen on sharing their knowledge. It's a good way to learn more about Portuguese wine regions, grape varieties and vinification methods.
  • Finally, this experience is not about drinking lots of wine but rather about enjoying and understanding the variety and complexity of Portuguese wines. Remember to take it slow, savor each sip and enjoy the flavors.

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