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Sultan's Oasis

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $500

Dive into a world of luxury, sensuality, and submission, where you're the Sultan and your partner is your devoted harem. This experience is perfect for couples interested in power play and servitude. Not only will you enjoy an evening of playful submission and dominance, but also an in-depth exploration of mutual satisfaction.

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  • The evening begins as you, the Sultan, enter the opulent setting of your palace. Your partner, serving as your harem for the night, awaits, adorned in a sexy adult harem costume, ready to cater to your whims and desires. As you become imbued with power, the play unfolds, marked by expressions of integrity, devotion, and mutual pleasure.
  • As night descends, the harem presents a sultry dance, enveloping you in a seductive trance. Subtle gestures and enchanting whispers heighten the tension, promising pleasure and servitude. Under the stars of your private oasis, the night unfolds into a symphony of sensuality.
  • There's beauty in submission as your harem honors and worships you in the most profound of ways. As the evening reaches its crescendo, ensure that you also serve the needs and desires of your harem. Close the night in a shared ecstasy, promising unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction in the arms of each other.

Preparation steps:

  • To prepare for the night, as the Sultan, choose complementary attire that evokes a sense of power. Consider accessories such as a turban and jeweled scepter. Your partner, as the harem, might wear a sexy adult harem costume, complete with gossamer fabrics and adorned in jewels.
  • Set up your private outdoor space with eastern-inspired dΓ©cor that accentuates the royal, luxurious feel. Think of velvety cushions, lush carpets, exotic hanging lanterns, and warm glowing candles scattered around the area. Scented oils and incense will also help in setting the mood.
  • Prepare a playlist with sensual, eastern-inspired music to set the ambiance. Allow the rhythm to waft over your senses, inspiring a slow night of intense pleasure and satisfaction.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Begin the evening with a sumptuous feast. As a sultan, partake in luscious grapes, rich dates, and sweet pastries, all fed to you by the harem.
  • Encourage sensual communication, with your harem expressing their desire to please and serve. As the Sultan, also express your desires and fantasies, making the experience truly immersive and satisfying.
  • Remember, this role play revolves around mutual consent and pleasure. Ensure the comfort of both parties before indulging in any activity. Aftercare is equally important. Discuss the experience afterwards, share what you enjoyed most about the fantasy and what could be improved for future roleplays.

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