Stylish, sexy night in Los Angeles date idea illustration

Stylish, sexy night in Los Angeles

Duration: 6+ hours
Budget: $1,000 - $2,000

Spend a sophisticated and intimate evening at one of Los Angeles' beautiful penthouse suites. This romantic dating idea is crafted for couples seeking a long-lasting, memorable experience.

  • Pre-book one of the lavish penthouse suites in a luxury hotel located at the heart of Los Angeles. Start your evening with complementing beverages to set the mood. Share intimate moments while overlooking the stunning LA skyline. As you bask in each other's company, enjoy a private dinner served by a personal chef.
  • Following dinner, spend some downtime in the exquisite indoor pool. Have a relaxed conversation, share laughs and create memorable moments. The latter half could be a sexy surprise that includes a tantalizing, mood-setting ambiance, poured with dimmed lights, scented candles and smooth music.
  • Conclude the night with a movie of your choice, cuddled under a cozy blanket. This setting offers an unforgettable experience that combines love, luxury, intimacy and the breathtaking charm of Los Angeles' nights.

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Preparation steps:

  • Pick out chic evening attire that will set the tone for the night. Make sure to pack swimsuits for the indoor pool session. Pre-order any specific dinner requests you might have to the personal chef.
  • It's necessary to book the penthouse suite in advance for your preferred date. If you intend to add the surprise element in the second part, you might need to shop for scented candles and get a playlist ready with your partner's favorite soothing music.
  • Also, select a movie which both of you have been looking forward to watching together. Bring a cozy blanket for maximum comfort while watching.

Some tips:

  • Try to find a penthouse that offers excellent views of the LA skyline for a more magical experience.
  • While you're having your personal dinner, you could share some memories or express heartfelt feelings with each other to make the evening more romantic.
  • For the sexy surprise, ensure all preparations are done without your partner's notice. The sudden ambiance transformation could add a hint of spice and thrill, making the night more memorable.

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