Strangers with Airsoft Guns date idea illustration

Strangers with Airsoft Guns

Duration: 6 hours
Budget: $200

This scenario involves becoming strangers to one another and diving into the world of airsoft. The thrill of meeting someone new, coupled with the excitement of airsoft makes for a memorable exploration of the unfamiliar.

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  • You both decide to become strangers for the day. After getting ready separately in the morning, you head your own ways, planning to meet at Turkey's renown indoor airsoft arena. Once at the arena, you act as if you do not know each other.
  • The game begins, making your way through the maze of the indoor arena, you slowly discover each other as unknown thrill-seekers. The adrenaline rush coupled with the masquerade of pretending to not know each other boils up, creating a unique and thrilling experience.
  • After the game, still keeping up the facade of being strangers, retire to a nearby cafΓ©. You both play along, discussing each other's moves, complimenting each other's shots. The after-match analysis slowly moves towards personal conversations leading up to a magnetic night ahead.

Preparation steps:

  • To make this scenario come alive, it is essential that both partners start the day by getting ready separately. This can include showering, dressing up, and eating breakfast separately, to fully get into character.
  • To add an extra layer to the roleplay, it can also be fun to go shopping separately before the game for your airsoft gear and clothing, sticking within a given budget.
  • You should familiarize yourself with the basics of airsoft if you haven't played before. Make sure to pick up appropriate clothing and protective gear. Remember safety comes first!

You may need

Some tips:

  • While you are strangers for the day, make sure to still follow your senses. If your partner seems genuinely uncomfortable, it's okay to break out of character.
  • Maintaining safety during airsoft is very important. Always keep your protective gear on during the match and follow the rules of airsoft.
  • Keep in mind that the goal is to reconnect at the end of this adventure. Therefore, after the match, try sharing a quiet moment over a cup of coffee. Still maintaining the guise of being strangers, try to learn things about each other that you didn't know before.

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