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Starry Night Starship Explorers

Duration: 4 to 6 hours
Budget: Varies based on product prices and whether you already have similar items

Feel the passion and excitement of traversing the galaxies together. Dress up as starship captains, plot your interstellar journey, engage in thrilling space-themed tasks. This role play fos about intimate exploration of not only the infinite universe, but also of each other's bodies.

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  • Adorn your adult spaceship costumes and engage in your starship's command room (which can be comfortably set up in your living area). You, the captains, have set out on a journey of discovery. Every planet brings a new task, each prompting intimate action towards each other. Maybe a distant planet's surface is too hot to wear more than underwear or maybe the local cosmic energy requires contact of bare skin to balance your energy fields. Your creative play is the limit to what adventures and intimate tasks you undertake.
  • Your journey takes a thrilling turn when an intimate distress signal is emitted from your partner to be relieved. Respond as you see fit, demonstrating your space-faring skills. Planets could provide a perfect ambiance for sensual exploration. Allow your journey to guide you to unexpected, sensually satisfying places.
  • Arrive at your final destination - a climactic star, only reached by engaging in the most intimate actions. Let this ultimate destination bring you both to euphoric satisfaction.

Preparation steps:

  • Shop for your astronaut costume - 'Sexy adult astronaut suits for him and her'. You can order them online or buy from a local adult costume store. Then, prepare your command room with space-themed props such as inflatable planets and LED lights. You could also use stars stickers on the walls and ceiling.
  • For the setting, consider viewing videos or images of space on your TV. Make a checklist of the tasks for various planets and what sexy action they inspire, prepare it before starting your journey.
  • The last crucial part is discussing everything with your partner. Consent is sexy. Make sure you both are comfortable with the tasks and actions involved in the journey and the outfits.

Some tips:

  • Remember to always respect each other's boundaries. Establish a safe word just in case something becomes uncomfortable. That way, you can stop at any time.
  • Make it even sexier by adding some space-themed background music. This will enhance the atmosphere and make the role play even more exciting.
  • Keep hydrated and ensure all mobiles and potentially disrupting gadgets are switched off or put on silent mode. This will ensure you remain focused on each other and the game for a sensational intimate evening.

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