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Starry Night Escape

Duration: Overnight
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Starry Night Escape is a perfect blend of romance and adventure, with a chilling October weather in scenic Fredrikstad, Norway, adding to the excitement. The date lets you connect intimately with your partner in simple yet thrilling surroundings, with stars as your only light source.

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  • Initiate this adventurous night with a light-hearted walk around the town. Enjoy the cool autumn breeze and let the scenic beauty of Fredrikstad set the mood. As darkness engulfs, guide your partner to one of the secluded grassy hills of the town, perfect for star gazing. Unroll your blanket onto the grass and lie down with your partner.
  • Under the starry sky, you both serve as each other's warmth. Initiate intimate touches and gently pull your partner closer to you. Let your bodies mingle while quietly whispering sweet nothings under the twinkling night sky. As you both lie intertwined, let your fantasies kick in and surrender yourselves to the beauty of the moment.
  • Slowly escalate things from here. Engage in playful sexual activities under the stars. Explore each other's bodies and surrender to the moment. As dawn begins to break, pack up, walk back while holding each other's hands, relishing the memories of the unforgettable night.

Preparation steps:

  • Before the date, ensure to check the local weather forecast so as not to be surprised by unexpected weather changes. Pack a blanket to keep you warm during the chilly October night. Also, prepare a backpack with water, snacks, or anything simple to munch on. If possible, a portable speaker with a playlist of your favorite romantic songs will add a dreamy vibe to your starlit escape.
  • In terms of clothing, it's recommended to wear something warm yet comfortable. Go for a casual, warm outfit that allows easy movement while not compromising on the sexiness quotient. Also, always have a light jacket at hand in case it gets extra chilly.
  • As far as the sexual part is concerned, it's all about your comfort zone. Just remember, any form of sexual activity should only be carried out with full consent of both partners and where there is absolute privacy.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Since it's an outdoor session, it is always good to choose the secluded grassy hill away from the crowded areas of the town to avoid any unwarranted attention or inconveniences. Bringing a blanket would be useful to lay down on the grass. You can also use it to wrap around if it gets too cold.
  • Building a meaningful conversation is the key to deep bonding. Start your walk by discussing each other's day or shared interests. This not only eases the mood but also allows a smooth transition from casual talk to more intimate conversations.
  • Despite being a free date, it doesn't mean you cannot make it special. You can make your partner feel special and loved by small acts. For instance, hold their hand when you walk, hug them to keep warm or even sneak in a surprise like their favorite candy or a heartfelt note in the backpack.

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