Starlight Scavenger Hunt date idea illustration

Starlight Scavenger Hunt

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: $50

Start an adventurous treasure hunt with a twist under the starry night sky of Yerevan. Table for two waits at each pit stop with a small surprise leading you closer to a cozy and intimate evening full of love and affection.

  • Get a friend or service to arrange a short scavenger hunt across various landmarks of the city under the cover of the starlit sky. Each stop will have a surprise gift and another clue to keep the excitement going. The final destination will be a secluded spot with blankets placed for a cozy sitting under the starlit sky.
  • Once at the final stop, slow dance to your favorite songs. The evening will be perfect for an intimate conversation under the twinkling stars.
  • The key is to keep the intimacy alive and keep the surprises up. Keep your partner guessing what surprise awaits next.

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Preparation steps:

  • Coordinate with a friend or a service to organize this scavenger hunt. Plan it so that each spot is reserved for a surprise with escalating affection.
  • Prepare a playlist with your favorite songs for the slow dance under the stars. Make sure the playlist caters to the romantic mood of the evening.
  • Since this date happens under Yerevan's starlit sky, ensure you dress warmly. But don't forget to dress smart, as you are heading for an exciting evening!

Some tips:

  • Start the scavenger hunt as the sun starts to set. This will give you time to enjoy the changing hues of the sky.
  • The clue for the next spot should be easy enough, you don't want to get lost on your date night.
  • Although the destination is known to both, avoid spilling out what surprises are waiting at each stop. Keep the mystery alive to increase the anticipation.

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