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Stargazing Picnic

Duration: 4-6 hours
Budget: $75

Spend a romantic evening under the stars, having a cozy picnic while gazing at the enchanting night sky. The starlight adds an extra dimension to your date, enhancing the feelings of intimacy and creating a magical atmosphere.

  • Start your date around dusk. Begin by packing a delightful picnic with your partner's favorite food and drinks. A bottle of wine can be a perfect companion for this night out. Travel together to a quiet, open space away from the city lights where you can clearly see the night sky.
  • After eating, lay out the blanket and cozy up together under the stars. As you lay there, get closer and whisper sweet nothings into your partner's ear. You can look for constellations, shooting stars, or just enjoy the view.
  • After a couple of hours of stargazing, go for a quiet walk together. Share your dreams, whispers, and potential future under the glowing stars. The end of your date should naturally lead to an intimate conclusion.

Weather forecast

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Preparation steps:

  • Early preparation for this date is needed. Start by checking the weather forecast to ensure that the sky will be clear on your date night. Plan your picnic menu ahead of time and shop for the required items. Include cozy blankets and pillows to sit and lay on.
  • You will also need a good place to stargaze. Research places near your location that have low city light pollution and clear views of the sky. The beach or an open field in Kerch can be an ideal location.
  • Lastly, don't forget to bring a binoculars or a telescope if you have one, it can make your stargazing experience even more exciting and enjoyable.

Some tips:

  • To set the mood, consider bringing a portable speaker to play some soft romantic music in the background.
  • Make sure to check the moon phase schedule before planning your stargazing date. The best time to see the most stars is during a new moon or when the moon sets before it gets really dark.
  • Always come prepared for the possibility of a sudden temperature drop at night. Bringing additional blankets is always a safe bet.

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