Stargazing picnic at Berdychiv's homey spots date idea illustration

Stargazing picnic at Berdychiv's homey spots

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: $30

For those seeking an intimate and starry-eyed experience under the celestial sphere, this romantic stargazing picnic is the perfect fit. This date includes dining on a scrumptious picnic spread, stargazing in the heart of Berdychiv and offers an opportunity to enjoy both the panoramic cityscape and starlit landscapes. Bond over constellation spotting and sharing sweet treats, with the September night serving as your quiet sanctuary.

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  • As the sun begins its descent, rendering hues of orange and pink in the vibrant Berdychiv sky, set out to your chosen scenic spot with your picnic basket in hand. Laying out your blanket, you together curate your feast under the darkening sky. As night falls, begin your stargazing escapade. With the aid of a stargazing guidebook, map out and marvel at the constellations visible during September from Ukraine. Engage in romantic conversations, discuss mythology, and lose yourselves in the cosmic world. As the evening rolls on, snack on your picnic desserts accompanied with the sounds of the night, creating an unforgettable date night under the stars.

Preparation steps:

  • A few days before your date, research about the constellations visible at the time of your date in Berdychiv. Gather or buy your picnic fare—a few sandwiches, chocolates, seasonal fruits, and some non-alcoholic beverages would do. Pack a thick, comfortable blanket and some light snacks for your time under the stars. Don't forget to carry a stargazing guidebook or download an application to help with the same, and charge your phones. On the day of the date, make sure to dress comfortably and take some mosquito repellent just in case. Also, pack a flashlight to ensure you're prepared as the darkness sets in.

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Some tips:

  • Always check the weather before planning your stargazing picnic, as clear skies guarantee a good view of the stars. Make sure you choose a spot that is safe and not too secluded. Keep track of the time and the park's schedule to avoid getting locked in. You can also bring a telescope if you have one to enhance your stargazing experience. Unexpectedly, wrapping up with a warm blanket and sharing a good laugh can be just as beautiful as a dance with the stars.

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