Stargazing At The Petroglyph National Monument date idea illustration

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Stargazing At The Petroglyph National Monument

Duration: 3-5 hours
Budget: free

Spend the night under a blanket of stars in one of Albuquerque's most historic sites. Learn about the ancient symbols etched on the rocks, created by Native Americans and Spanish settlers 400 to 700 years ago. Enjoy the free scenery with your loved one and create a romantic memory.

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  • As the sun starts to set, you and your loved one drive to the Petroglyph National Monument. Wrapped in warm clothes, you prepare your star map, ready to explore the untainted night sky. As darkness completely descends upon you, thousands of glittering galaxies reveal themselves, scattered across the sky like diamonds. It's a sight that never fails to take your breath away.
  • Amid the serenity of the dark expanses dotted with ancient symbols, your worries are forgotten and you lose yourself in each other's company. You point out constellations, share stories, and savour the peace of the moment. It's just you, your partner and the cosmos.
  • As the night progresses, you lay back and marvel at the celestial wonders that stretch out infinitely above you. Huddled together, you share thoughts and dreams under the collectively shared roof of our universe. An unique way to experience each other's company.

Preparation steps:

  • This date requires little to no preparation. All you need to do is dress warmly, pack a blanket and a flask of hot drink if desired.
  • Check the local weather and the moon phase before you plan for the stargazing date. A new moon phase or when the moon is not very bright is the ideal time for stargazing as the stars appear much brighter.
  • Do a little research on the different constellations that can be observed during the month of October. A star map might be helpful to locate particular constellations.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To make your date even more enjoyable and comfortable, bring some cushions along with the blanket. You could also pack a picnic with light snacks to nibble on while stargazing.
  • Remember that it might take some time for your eyes to adjust to the darkness, so avoid using your phone or flashlight unless necessary.
  • Lastly, this date is better suited for a clear night without clouds. It's worth checking the weather forecast in advance to find an ideal night for stargazing in Albuquerque.

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