Stargazing Adventure at Babyn Yar Park date idea illustration

Stargazing Adventure at Babyn Yar Park

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $20

Enjoy a serene, romantic evening at Babyn Yar Park. Lay down a cozy blanket, bring some warm drinks, and stargaze while sharing stories and making wishes on shooting stars. September nights in Kyiv are perfect for these kinds of activities.

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  • Get to Babyn Yar Park just before twilight. Find a quiet, grassy spot, spread out your blanket, and relax. As the sky darkens, watch as the stars slowly reveal themselves. Have a hot coffee or tea and share your dreams and stories. When you spot a shooting star, close your eyes and make a wish together.
  • Engage in deep conversations while enjoying the vastness of the universe. This kind of environment encourages openness and vulnerability, strengthening your bond. Don't worry about running out of things to discuss; the universe holds endless fascinating topics.
  • If it gets a bit chilly, put on some light jackets or cuddle under a blanket for extra warmth. Listen to soft music if you want. But remember, the most precious sounds of the night are your heartbeats seamlessly harmonizing with the quiet, peaceful humming of nature.

Preparation steps:

  • Ensure you've checked the weather forecast for clear skies. Pack a cozy blanket, picnic mat, warm clothing, thermos full of your favorite hot drink, and some light snacks. Don't forget to charge your phones - you'd want to capture this unforgettable date. If you can, pack a portable speaker to play soft BG music.
  • You might desire to download a stargazing app. It's a fun way to learn about different constellations, stars, and planets, enhancing your experience.
  • Communicate the plan with your partner ahead of time to let them prepare too. Comfortable clothing is key as you'll be sitting or lying down on the grass for hours.

Some tips:

  • Whilst your focus should be on enjoying the starry night, safety must be a top priority. Ensure you're not too isolated and have enough charge on your phones. Remember, it will be dark, so take some precautions like carrying a torchlight.
  • Respect the park rules and ensure you clean up after yourselves. Leave the area as clean as you found it, if not cleaner.
  • Most of all, be present. These moments are to be cherished, not spent constantly on your phone, apart from using the stargazing app or clicking a few memorable pictures. The aim is to enjoy each other's company, reinforcing your bond, amidst the admire of the magnificent night sky.

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