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Spy Mission Roommate

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: Free

In this roleplay scenario, rediscover your partner as you immerse yourselves in the personas of secretive and adventurous spies. Imagination is your only limit in this thrilling scenario.

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  • Your roleplay begins with one partner (Partner A) leaving a cryptic note for the other (Partner B) that they are on a spy mission and not to follow them. As soon as Partner B finds the note, they decide to ignore the warning and go on an adventure to find their roommate. As the curious roommate, it is up to Partner B to search for clues in order to locate and rescue the 'missing' Partner A. Meanwhile, Partner A waits at a predetermined outdoor location nearby with further clues and tantalizing rewards.
  • Partner B gets on the case, with their own imagination serving as their guide and setting the scene for a mysterious, thrilling adventure. The adrenaline rush from the chase and the sexual tension will make the eventual reunion even more intense. To up the ante, Partner A can periodically send cryptic, mission related texts or calls.
  • When Partner B eventually discovers Partner A, the excitement has reached its peak. Here, they finally confront the roommate and the sexual tension breaks - leading to a steamy end of the mission.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare for this roleplay scenario by first setting the stage. Partner A should prepare a cryptic note for Partner B, indicate they are 'missing' and should not be followed. Partner A should also choose a safe and secluded outdoor location nearby to set as the mission's end point.
  • Prior to starting the scenario, it would be beneficial to have a discussion about boundaries and safe words to ensure the situation remains comfortable and fun for both partners.
  • Both partners should also dress appropriately for the scenario. Think classic spy movie attire, like trench coats, sunglasses, and hats.

You may need

Some tips:

  • To add to the excitement, Partner A can leave behind 'props' as clues for Partner B to find during their mission. These clues can guide them to the next phase of the mission or the final rendezvous point.
  • Get creative with the setting. Feel free to integrate imagination into your environment, transforming your regular neighborhood into an exotic spy location. Remember, safety first, don't choose locations that are potentially dangerous or legally off limits.
  • Finally, focus on anticipation and suspense. The climax of the story isn’t about finding Partner A, it's about building sexual tension and intrigue along the journey. The more the partners play their roles, the more immersive the scenario will be.

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