Spooky Halloween Ghost Hunting date idea illustration

Spooky Halloween Ghost Hunting

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

This scenario combines a shared interest in the paranormal and roleplay into a thrilling evening of ghost hunting. With Tbilisi's rich history and number of haunted sites, this scenario requires little resources while offering a memorable encounter. The weather in October provides a comfortable atmosphere for this exploration.

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  • The scenario begins with both of you meeting at a rendezvous point, dressed as amateur ghost hunters. The outwear should be comfortable and matching the weather. Light dinner at home earlier saves the budget for other activities. After the introductary revealing your 'gear' and your 'expertise' in ghost hunting, you'd embark on a thrilling expedition around historic sites, churches, or buildings known for paranormal activities. In search of ghosts, you'll find each other. Remember, any scary proximity is a good opportunity for a hug or a comforting hold.
  • In the second part of the evening, you will end up 'discovering' a haunted house (pre-planned by one of the partners). This is a chance to explore a spooky and exhilarating environment, using a torch, courage, and comfort of each other. As you explore, you might experience some 'unexplained' phenomenon that turns out as a part of a set-up.
  • As the grand finale, one of the partners can plan a 'spooky revelation', which has a funny or even sexy twist to it. So instead of finding a ghost, you'd find a playful or erotic set-up that would escalate the roleplay to another level.

Preparation steps:

  • Since the budget is practically zero, the couple will plan ahead on which haunted sites in Tbilisi they will explore. A spooky set-up like a whirling wind, a ghostlike whisper, or a funny-spooky revelation requires little planning and zero budget. It involves a list of haunted places, a torch, comfortable wearables, light pre-packed dinner, a sense of humor, and the readiness to bring a fun-filled ghost-hunting scene to life.
  • Choosing a safe haunted or old place for exploration should be done beforehand, ensuring it's safe for a night visit. If you're planning to climax the ghost hunting scene in an indoor place, make sure it's a familiar one for safety.
  • For thrill and surprises, both partners will not disclose details of their plan. Communication signals and messages should be established before you start the ghost hunting quest. Don't pull extremely scary pranks which might become uncomfortable or threatening.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Since it's a zero budget scenario, you can prepare a light dinner together at home to save costs. If you can afford, a little spending on Halloween erotica accessories or skimpy ghost hunting outfits would add spice to the roleplay. Use a regular torch you have at home or even mobile flashlights for this game.
  • Do respect the venues you are visiting, even if they are known to be haunted or old. Ensure your activities do not disturb others or trespass on private property.
  • Finally, use this roleplay scenario as a way of bringing yourself closer while having fun. The fear factor can be exciting, but it should never be traumatizing. Play it safe, play it respectful and most importantly, play it enjoyable.

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