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Space Nostalgia and RWBY Adventure

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Budget: $0

Journey through the realms of your favorite fantasies as you and your partner bring your favorite sci-fi and RWBY show characters to life. Star-crossed lovers or rivals turned secret lovers, choose a dynamic that floats your psychic vessel.

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  • Reality is suspended as you and your partner embody your favorite characters from the futuristic anime RWBY show. One of you is resilient Ruby, the leader of Team RWBY, while the other embodies the mysterious and fascinating character of your partner's choice. Start with a lighthearted, playful scenario. Maybe there's a mock battle in your living-room-turned-space-arena where Ruby has to outsmart her adversary.
  • In round two, being in the same team or saving each other from an invisible villain, your characters start to see the other in a new light. Using just your words and your imagination, play out that typical secret crush episode found in every anime, where heated battles slowly turn into heated glances.
  • As the war subsides, it's time for the romance. After a 'long day of fighting', your characters find themselves in a quiet moment. This is where the intimacy begins. Space might be cold, but the night is warm with romantic tension. Be creative with your connection, be it a clandestine romance rendezvous or a moment of comfort after a tough day of battle.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, indulge in a marathon of RWBY or your favorite sci-fi series to get in character and draw inspiration for your roleplay scenario. Make notes, if necessary, on specific character traits, interactions, or scenarios you'd like to recreate.
  • Next, create makeshift costumes. Burst out your inner cosplay artist and raid your wardrobe for garments representing your chosen characters. Draw Vytal Festival symbols on tees, fashion faux weapon props out of cardboard, or drape yourself in cryptic artifacts—you're resourceful heroes from another realm, after all.
  • Prepare your setting. If you have color-changing lights, set them to neon for that futuristic vibe. Additionally, put together a playlist of your favorite sci-fi theme songs to have in the background. Clear some space for your mock battles and make your living room your make-believe world.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Stay in character. The fun of roleplay is enhanced when you're fully committed to embodying your chosen character. Remember to keep communication open. Due to the nature of this roleplay, ensure you both are comfortable with any 'battle scenarios' that you stage.
  • For a touch of realism, use make-up to add any particular features your characters might have for that added depth. Highlight scars, unique facial features, or even tattoos your chosen characters have.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Don't be afraid to be goofy or intense. This is as much an opportunity to explore your love for these universes as it is for exploring each other. Use it to bond over shared interests, unleash your creativity and spice up your ordinary day.

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