Skyline Seduction in Cincinnati date idea illustration

Skyline Seduction in Cincinnati

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: $500

This high-budget date is built for both adventure and romance. Start your date above the Cincinnati cityscape in a hot-air balloon. Feast on an exquisite dinner while overlooking the stunning skyline, followed by handcrafted beer and cocktails in one of Cincinnati's finest breweries. This date is not only romantic, but also alluring, making it perfect for couples who appreciate good food and drink and live for a little thrill.

  • The date starts during the late afternoon, when you both embark on a thrilling hot air balloon journey above Cincinnati. As the balloon rises, take in the breathtaking panorama that unfolds. Enjoy an intimate, sky-high dinner as you glide over the city. When the balloon lands, relax and admire the evening sky before heading to the brewery.
  • Next, you arrive at one of Cincinnati's acclaimed breweries. Here, you get to relish a variety of locally brewed beers and equally delightful cocktails. This experience allows you to bond over shared tastes and a deep appreciation for finely crafted beverages.
  • To wind up the evening, order a hearty meal. The food options are diverse and cater to every palate, ensuring a satisfying end to an unforgettable night. Explore your culinary curiosity together, creating memories and inside jokes along the way.

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Preparation steps:

  • Begin by reserving your hot air balloon ride with Bella Balloons Hot Air Balloon Company. Make sure to request their dinner package. They will guide you on what to wear and any other considerations needed for the flight.
  • Next, book a tour and dinner at the Rhinegeist Brewery. Check out their menu and reviews to plan your meal. Make sure to inform the brewery of any dietary restrictions or preferences in advance.
  • Lastly, plan for transportation between the balloon grounds and the brewery. You could surprise your partner with a fancy ride like limo or simply use cab service based on your preference.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Hot air balloon rides are subject to favorable weather conditions. Therefore, have a backup date idea just in case of any unforeseen changes in weather.
  • Binoculars will enhance your viewing experience from the hot air balloon. A Polaroid camera will let you capture these amazing moments instantly. An outdoor blanket may come in handy during the balloon ride, especially as the evening gets chillier. Don’t forget to bring a portable charger to keep your phones juiced up throughout the date.
  • Make sure to divulge any fear of heights or medical conditions to your partner and the balloon operator before starting your adventure. Also, it's a good idea to tip your hot air balloon pilot and your guide at the brewery.

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