Sensual Sommelier date idea illustration

Sensual Sommelier

Duration: 4 to 5 hours
Budget: 100-200 AUD

Unleash your inner connoisseur in this sensory-enticing date where you'll savour both the finest wines and each other.

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  • Mounted on the peaks of the Great Dividing Range, the city of Orange harbours some of Australia's finest wineries. Your roleplay scenario will involve a seductive date at a renowned winery. Cast yourselves as an experienced sommelier and an eager-to-learn apprentice. You'll start with a scheduled wine tasting session during the day, and once the evening rolls in, your roles will seamlessly transition into a more private affair. Embrace the delicate balance of tannins in the wine, and similarly, in your relationship. The power dynamics, when played right, might just be the most rewarding part of this date!
  • As the evening progresses, the 'apprentice’ will have a blindfolded tasting session orchestrated by the 'sommelier'. The thrill wholly lies in surrender and trust in each other's instincts - whether it's about identifying the notes of the wine or the direction of the date. Don't rush. Savour each other along with the wines, for just like wines, every experience matures and becomes better with time.
  • The climax of your roleplay can happen either at your hotel or home, depending on where you feel most comfortable. Remember, the essence of this roleplay lies in surrender, trust, and the sensory experience, making it more than just a wine tasting session.

Preparation steps:

  • First, decide who will play the 'sommelier' and the 'apprentice', and bring together a curated selection of some of the best local wines. The sommelier will need to make some preparatory research so that they can confidently 'teach’ their apprentice. Dress up for the occasion: something sophisticated yet exciting, for instance, the 'sommelier' can wear a 'Sexy adult sommelier outfit', and 'apprentice’ can wear a 'Sexy adult wine lover outfit' to add to the realism and excitement.
  • Second, call in advance to ensure that your chosen winery offers exclusive tastings or if they allow bringing your own selection. Ensure there’s enough privacy for you to comfortably play out your roles. Don't forget sharing any critical dietary preferences or restrictions – both those related to food and even the types of wine samples you want to avoid.
  • Finally, make sure to grab a 'blindfold' at a local adult store, which will be a key accessory in your sensual wine tasting. Also, some 'aromatic massage oil' which can be used later in private to continue the sensual experience. All of these should be prepared in advance and packed neatly before you start for the winery.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Choose a winery where you both haven't been before to keep the anticipation high and the experience fresh. Just like tasting a new wine. Enjoy exploring the area and engaging in the culture surrounding winemaking. It will be a treat for your senses and build up to your sultry evening.
  • The role of the sommelier isn't just about teaching the apprentice about wine. It's also about making them comfortable, appreciated, and, eventually, aroused. Be provocative, use the wine as an excuse to tease and please. Feel free to get into the details of wine notes, the elegance of the process, and the fineness of excellent winemaking – make it a parallel to your romantic and sensual experience.
  • Lastly, respect your surroundings and the public space of the winery. It's perfectly fine to be flirtatious and sensual, but remember to keep high-energy activities for the private part of your date. This date requires a certain level of sophistication and decorum in public that can make the private moments all the more exciting.

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