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Secret Library

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $50-$100, varying on the props and costumes

Fuel your intellect and lust in the secret library romantic roleplay situation. This setting has a charming old library feel filled with the irresistible scent of aging books, an oak desk, and a hidden room

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  • The scenario starts with both of you roleplaying as researchers, exploring an old and enchanting library. Hidden amongst the dusty tomes and old scripts, there's a secret door that seemingly leads nowhere. But curiosity gets the best out of you both, and you decide to explore it. Keeping your steps quiet, you walk down a wooden ladder into an old room filled with even more books. Curiosity quickly becomes romantic tension as you start to flip through the old manuscripts and share knowing glances. The quietness and secrecy of the room feel instantly intimate.
  • Halfway through the explorations, your partner uncovers an ancient text about love rituals. Pretending to follow the scripts, they invite you for a slow dance in that dimly lit secret room. As the room echoes with your laughter and soft whispers, the dance soon becomes a passionate kiss running chills down your spine. The combination of mystery, intellect, and sudden spark of intimacy set the tone for the thrilling night to come.
  • Tonight, the library is more than just a place of learning. In this hushed atmosphere, you learn more about each other, more than any other day. The secret room transforms into your playground, an arena of shared fantasies and wild imaginations, creating experiences that will always remain your secret.

Preparation steps:

  • Preparation for the scenario begins with setting the stage. You will need to recreate the ambience of an old library if you don't have access to one. This could include piles of old books, dimmed lights, candles, and a hidden place that can act as your secret room.
  • Prepare some ancient looking manuscripts (you can print these using old yellow papers) and place them strategically where your partner can find them. You may also want to have an old coin or key as a prop to enhance the feel of a secret quest.
  • Prepare a playlist of soft and sensual music that can play in the background during your ‘dance’ and subsequent activities. Costume-wise, think along the lines of focused researchers - glasses, loose shirts, and flowing skirts or trousers.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember to keep the atmosphere light yet sensual. The joy of this role play lies in the process of discovery, both of the hidden room and each other. Use the manuscripts to flirt and build anticipation.
  • Remember, safety comes first. If you're incorporating props like blindfolds or cuffs, make sure sessions are consensual and safe words are set up.
  • Lastly, this scenario is about intimacy and intellectual stimulation as much as it is about physical pleasure. Use this time to explore your partner’s body, fantasies and desires. The secret library bewitchment should linger on even when the night ends.

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