Sci-Fi Adventure in the Hills date idea illustration

Sci-Fi Adventure in the Hills

Duration: Full day
Budget: $150-$200

Set in the picturesque landscape of Cyprus in the month of November, this roleplay scenario immerses you and your partner, Feray, in an extraordinary sci-fi storyline. The scenario combines their love for exploration, nature, coffee, and tales filled with intrigue and excitement. Prepare to transform your reality and experience an entirely new universe as you journey through this sci-fi adventure under the moderate temperature of the late autumn season.

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  • This adventure begins as soon as you and Feray receive a coded message from an alien civilization. These Aliens, who have a deep appreciation for sustaining nature, have left clues around the hills of Cyprus. The aim is to find and decode these messages using specially designed 'Cyber Binoculars'
  • Later in the day, there's word of a UFO sighting. You and Feray decide to grab a quick bite along with finely brewed Cypriot coffee while you formulate a plan to follow the trail and collect further evidence.
  • As the day progresses and the wind gets cooler, the two of you find a comfortable spot to gaze at the stars. Amidst the wide expanse of the night sky, you both spot unexplainable phenomena that cement your belief in the extraordinary adventure you are involved in. The day ends making you both realise how strong your bond has become amidst these mutual experiences.

Preparation steps:

  • Prepare by learning a bit about stargazing and familiarising yourself with some common constellations. This will come handy when you're looking up at the Cyprus sky. You should also bring along some comfortable clothes and shoes for exploring the hills.
  • Have a picnic bag ready with some quick bites, water, and freshly brewed Cypriot coffee, which you can enjoy on your adventure. It would also be a good idea to carry a notebook or a journal to keep track of the clues and your sightings.
  • Before starting your adventure, you should have a hearty breakfast as you are going to need plenty of energy for the day. Be prepared to walk a lot and be one with nature. Don't forget to check the weather and pack accordingly, as November in Cyprus may offer some unpredicted weather swings.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember the purpose is to have fun. Don't get too caught up in decoding the messages and forget to enjoy the scenery around you. The beauty of Cyprus is unparalleled, soak it in.
  • While the scenario suggests a lot of outdoor activity, don't forget to be romantic and intimate with each other. Moments of intimacy might make for the perfect setting to keep the spice in your relationship alive.
  • Lastly, even in the wake of this adventurous role play, remember to respect nature. Follow the Leave No Trace principles by only taking pictures and leaving only footprints. The adventure is not just about understanding the alien messages but also about appreciating and preserving the beauty of our own planet.

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