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Romantic Night In

Duration: 5 hours
Budget: $0

This role play scenario is designed for couples who are on a tight budget and wish to spend a quality romantic time indoors. It focuses on making your home feel like a luxury restaurant where a gentleman is diligently courting his shy and sweet girlfriend.

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  • The scenario begins with the boyfriend preparing a surprise home-cooked dinner for his lovely girlfriend. The meal should be simple, inexpensive, and something that Sarah, the girlfriend, enjoys. After dinner, they engage in a game of '20 questions'. This game gets them to open up and deepen their bond. The boyfriend asking sweet and playful questions that encourage Sarah to break out of her shell. As the evening progresses, the boyfriend can guide Sarah to a slow dance in their living room. In this sweet, intimate moment, they can whisper sweet words to each other while being wrapped in each other's arms.
  • The mood of the evening shifts slightly as the boyfriend asks Sarah to participate in a light-hearted, simple roleplay exercise. The boyfriend, taking the role of a prince, expresses his undying love and devotion to Sarah who plays the role of a kind-hearted, loving princess. The roleplay should include lots of flattering compliments and heartfelt confessions. The night concludes with a movie of Sarah's choice, where they cuddle up together and simply enjoy each other's presence.
  • In this scenario, the main focus is to make Sarah feel as loved and cherished as possible. This scenario radiates warmth and romance and is perfect for couples who prefer to enjoy quality time together indoors.

Preparation steps:

  • The boyfriend should start by tidying their place so it feels pleasant and inviting. He should consider setting the table beautifully with candles to create a romantic ambiance. A fun playlist of Sarah's favorite songs can be prepared to play in the background during dinner and their dance.
  • Time should be invested in preparing a thoughtful list of '20 questions'. These questions should be light-hearted and fun while also having the potential to inspire deeper connections. The boyfriend should also prepare a short script for the prince-princess roleplay. It should be sweet, romantic and perfectly ad-libbed to make Sarah feel special.
  • The boyfriend should choose a romantic movie that he and Sarah have not watched before. Something sweet and funny would be perfect for maintaining the overall romantic and cozy vibe of the night.

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Some tips:

  • This scenario is intended to be extremely flexible. The boyfriend should try to personalize all aspects of the evening based on his girlfriend Sarah's preferences. The focus is to create a warm, loving atmosphere, so every action should be made with thoughtful care.
  • The questions in the '20 questions' game should nurture open and honest discussions. Sensitivity should be shown towards her comfort levels and the questions should not be too intrusive or make her uncomfortable.
  • The dinner need not be extravagant. It is the thoughtfulness and effort that will make her appreciate it. Hence one should choose a dish that is within one's cooking abilities yet something that Sarah enjoys eating. Finally, although this is a roleplay scenario, one must remember to be genuine, both in words and actions. The aim is to make Sarah feel loved and cherished by showing your genuine feelings.

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