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Romance in Boston

Duration: Night, 6-8 hours
Budget: Expensive

Spend a night exploring Boston's vibrant nightlife with a romantic and sensual twist catered for couples who appreciate a little kinkiness and public indulgence. This is the perfect date for couples who want to keep the flame of their love affair burning throughout the night. This date will involve a visit to a sophisticated bar, a sultry salsa club, and a surprise visit to a luxury hotel.

  • Start your date off by dazzling your partner with a surprise reservation at one of Boston's exclusive bars where you two can enjoy some cocktails while teasing what the night has in store. From here, let the rhythm of the night take control as you head to a salsa club. Dance the night away, and let the sultriness of salsa act as the perfect precursor for what comes next. As you leave the salsa club, inform your partner that there’s one more surprise before the night ends. Lead them to a luxury hotel that you had secretly reserved. This night is all about you two, let the romance continue in your private suite with a bottle of champagne and under a canopy of uninterrupted stars through the skylight.

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Preparation steps:

  • In the days leading up to the date, make a reservation for two at one of Boston's subtler but luxurious bars. Make sure you have an intimate table or semi-private section where you and your partner can enjoy each other's company. Also, book a salsa class for two at one of Boston's Latin dance clubs. Make sure to coordinate the timings so that you have enough time at the bar but get to the salsa club when it's still lively. Finally, reserve a suite at a luxury hotel nearby; choose one with a skylight to make the most of Boston's cool September nights. The surprise element is crucial for this date, so make sure your partner remains in the dark until the very last minute.

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Some tips:

  • For the first part of your date, go for sophisticated street style clothing, something comfortable that still looks chic. For the salsa dancing, remember it's all about moving, so make sure you and your partner wear something that allows for that. Also, salsa dancing can become hot, so lightweight materials would be ideal. At the hotel, be playful and take control. Prepare to surprise your partner with a seductive piece of lingerie and a bottle of champagne. Above all, be confident! The key to making this date successful is to keep the surprises coming and make each moment feel special and spontaneous.

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