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Rich Young Husband Roleplay

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

Turn the heat up with this enticing roleplay scenario where you play the part of a wealthy young husband who acts cold towards other women but is passionate and caring towards his wife. You don't need to be in a fancy penthouse to dive into this role-play, a simple living room and bedroom setup will do.

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  • Begin the evening in your living room, transformed into a luxurious hub of high society. The husband, seemingly 'cold' towards other women, can be seen in a social virtual gathering over the phone, controlling the conversation, displaying his wealth and status. After a while, tune out from the gathering and turn your attention towards your wife.
  • Transition the scene to the bedroom where the wealthy young husband shows a different side of himself. He's caring, tender, passionate, completely opposite to what he showed earlier. From gently applying her favorite body lotion to assisting her in getting dressed, his every action is filled with love and care.
  • The climax of the role play occurs when the husband, absolutely smitten by his wife, can't resist his feelings and the evening proceeds to a steamy, passionate session.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, dress in the appropriate attire. The husband can don a fancy suit or casual chic attire, while the wife can wear a beautiful, elegant dress. Set up a virtual gathering with close friends and make sure you have drinks at the ready to add authenticity to your social gathering. Prepare your favorite body lotion and get into character to make the setup more believable.
  • Set the bedroom scene for the later part of your roleplay. Think satin sheets, dimmed lights, soft music playing in the background to create the right ambiance. A poster bed or a simple large bed will work just fine.
  • Remember to discuss and set boundaries before starting the roleplay. It's crucial to maintain a safe and comfortable atmosphere throughout the evening.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember to stay in character all the way through. Even though the husband is seen as cold to others, it's key to make sure he shows passion and love towards his wife in private.
  • Having a virtual gathering can bump up the realistic aspect of your roleplay, even though you only take part in it for the initial stage. Inform your friends about the role-play beforehand to avoid any awkward situations.
  • It's important to keep the momentum going into the bedroom. From lotion application to helping her undress, everything about this scenario must speak volume about the love the husband has for his wife, which other people don't usually see.

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