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Rendezvous in the Office

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

Unleash the boss within you or play the obedient secretary in this riveting roleplay experience. Master the art of power play, tease and flirty banter as you spend an exciting evening indoors. Make the cozy corners of your home your make-believe office and let the games of seduction begin.

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  • Imagine your home as your office. One of you (the boss) is working hard, reviewing documents on a makeshift table which acts as your desk. The boss is in a 'serious work mode' and needs serious focus. The other partner (the secretary) comes over, gently handing the boss a cup of coffee. The secretary starts going about their duties but at intervals, drops 'inadvertent' touches and prolongs eye contact, stirring up a flirtatious tension in the room. All businesslike, the boss comments on a misfiled report or unorganized desk, leading to a playful folie Γ  deux where the secretary is 'admonished' and 'ordered' to rectify the situation. The scenario cultivates anticipation with connotative language and subtle touches.
  • The secretary, on the other hand, takes the admonishment as a challenge and begins to deliberately provoke the boss, dropping pens, bending over to pick up things, and making provocative remarks. This teases the boss out of their shell and adds fuel to the mounting desire in the room. The boss can't help but get involved, leaving behind their serious work persona.
  • Eventually, this leads to a passionate encounter, with the boss taking the lead. Alternatively, the secretary could turn the tables around seducing the boss and breaking down their walls. The power dynamics keep shifting, making this role play all the more exciting. Remember, consent and comfort are premier. Only proceed with actions that both partners are comfortable and happy with.

Preparation steps:

  • First, decide who will play the boss and who will be the secretary. Both roles have their own charm and fun, so discuss it candidly. Once the roles are decided, create a believable environment. A desk, a laptop or some papers, a rouge coffee cup, everything can be a prop adding to the realism of the scenario.
  • Work on your costumes. They play an integral role in setting the mood. The boss could sport a 'Sexy adult business attire' complete with the outfit, tie, and spectacles. The secretary could don a 'Sexy adult secretary outfit' with pencil skirts, blouses, and glasses. Remember, comfort is key in selection of costumes, so make sure whatever you wear, you both feel comfortable in it.
  • Finally, chalk out the basic script outlining the main events of play. This does not have to be detailed, just some key events that will keep the role-play interesting and moving. Remember not to rush directly into the physical aspect but build up a story. It's the anticipation and suspense which add the spark to the role-play.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Start with a calm and controlled demeanor, the explicit stuff is more impactful when it follows subtle flirting and suggestion. Your actions should be suggestive but not explicit in the beginning.
  • Tease your partner with loaded words and phrases throughout the conversation. Compliments or reprimands that sound ordinary but have hidden connotations will fuel up the scenario, making it interesting and fun.
  • Importantly, give each other 'safewords'. These are special signal words that either partner can use to slow down or stop the roleplay. This ensures that although you're acting out a fantasy, both players maintain comfort and consent throughout.

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