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Renaissance Romance

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: varies

Experience the salacious underbelly of the renaissance court in the roles of Prince and Duke. This regal roleplay brings you into the world of courtly intrigue, feasts, and secret desires only revealed in the privacy of the royal chambers. Step into the shoes of the powerful and influential, and let the games of power and lust unfold. This is particularly enticing for couples fond of historical settings and those who enjoy exploring power dynamics in their intimate scenarios.

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  • Among the courts of the renaissance, whispers of intrigue and lust abound. You are the Prince, a powerful figure adored and lusted after by many. Your partner plays the part of the Duke, a cunning noble who's caught your eye. As a Prince, you are used to everyone bending to your will, but the Duke proves to be a challenge, intriguing you even more.
  • The scenario begins at a grand feast, where both of you flirt and play the power game in between food, wine, and music. It's a game of hidden glances, lingering touches, and scandalous whispers which make the court's intrigue more spicy. As the night grows darker, the Prince invites the Duke to his royal chambers, away from prying eyes, just the rich drapes keeping your secret.
  • In the chambers, the Prince and Duke show their true passions. Allow the raw attraction and tension between you two to be the guiding force. Explore areas of power exchange, dominance, and submission in the privacy of the chambers. Let the power dynamics of the court play out in your lovemaking with royal commands, submission, and the thrill of illicit passion.

Preparation steps:

  • Both of you need to decide who, between the two of you, will be the Prince and who will be the Duke. Learn a little bit about the era to bring more authenticity to your roles. Set up your dining area or living room to resemble a royal court's banquet hall, think decadence and opulence of the renaissance period.
  • Lay out a lavish feast, including fine wine and delectable treats. Should you enjoy music, classical renaissance music playing softly in the background can enhance the mood. Also, transform your bedroom into royal chambers, using rich fabrics and candlelight to create a warm, sensual atmosphere.
  • Choosing period-appropriate costumes and props will make the experience more immersive. The Prince can have a crown, a scepter, and an ornate robe, while the Duke can have a distinctive hat, a cloak, and charming accessories of the nobility. Select rich fabrics like velvet or silk to bring the Renaissance period alive.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Starting slowly is key when carrying out this scenario. Let the tension between you two build up during the feast. Play it as a real game of power, use your words, looks, and every move to seduce each other.
  • Remember to maintain the power dynamic even in the intimate scenario. The Duke, although a noble, would conventionally be in a submissive position when compared to the Prince. This does not mean that the power cannot shift during your intimate scene, however. Power exchanges can be a thrilling element to experiment with. Let your comfort levels and desires guide these dynamics.
  • Dedicate time to aftercare once the scenario is over. Role-playing can elicit strong emotions, and stepping back into your normal dynamics in a caring and compassionate way is often necessary. Talk about the scene, discuss what you both enjoyed, and address anything that was uncomfortable. This will ensure that your roleplaying continues to be a safe and enjoyable part of your sexual repertoire.

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