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Public Servant–Authority Flirt

Duration: 3-4 hours
Budget: low

Taking on the role as an authority figure while your partner portrays the role of a public servant, work your way around a series of bureaucratic hiccups and allow the tension to rise. This unusual scenario amidst the bustling city of Istanbul offers bold dialogues, flirtatious exchanges and a thrilling time for the couple.

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  • Your partner is a public servant in a government office and you are a high-ranking official inspecting their workspace. You both take your character seriously, with dialogues and interactions mimicking a real working environment. You start off as a stern and strict inspector, critiquing their performance rather hard. As the scenario progresses and the sun set outside, the atmosphere changes and things turn from strictly professional to more flirtatious and romantic.
  • The tension rises, and the strict inspector finds themselves helplessly charmed by the charismatic and confident public servant. Your conversations go from formal and rigid, to relaxed and intimate. You may even find yourself making playful and flirtatious remarks, culminating in teasing banter.
  • This scenario may be performed in your living room, which will be transformed into an office setting for a night. Use props like desks, chairs, paperwork, and desktop items to add authenticity. Make sure to completely step into your roles, for it will truly enrich your experience.

Preparation steps:

  • Clean up your living room and prepare it to simulate an office setting. You will need to find suitable clothing for both of you to get into character. As a public servant, your partner could dress in a modest work attire and you, as the high-ranking official, could dress in professional attire that says 'I mean business.'
  • Prepare a small desk and office chair, as well as a few props like paperwork, folders, a desk lamp, stationery, a laptop, etc., to help create a believable environment. Make sure to set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature for this indoor scenario.
  • Finally, do a bit of acting practice. Discuss a little backstory for your characters, and some potential dialogues to get into the scene. You could use the natural sunset, as mentioned in the scenario, as a cue for when things start getting heated up.

You may need

Some tips:

  • In order to add authenticity, switch off your phones and any other potential distractions. Make sure to adopt your characters completely - their tone of voice, body language, and behaviors. This will make your role-playing experience more immersive and fun.
  • Remember, the idea is to enjoy and have fun. If at any point, anyone feels uncomfortable, stop and check in with each other. Safety and comfort should always be priority.
  • When it comes to dialogues, feel free to improvise. The more spontaneous you are, the better. Use the role play diary to jot down some witty banter or flirtatious dialogues for reference during your role play.

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