Private Rooftop Dinner date idea illustration

Private Rooftop Dinner

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $200

Experience a unique and unforgettable romantic date with your partner as you have a private dinner atop one of the beautiful roofs in Dushanbe. Revel in the enchanting view of city lights, savor a delectable meal and create precious memories together.

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  • As dusk settles, you and your partner make your way together to a quiet, beautiful rooftop. You step out into the open and your eyes catch the panoramic view of Dushanbe twinkling below. There's a private dining set-up awaiting you, with warm, soft lights casting a romantic ambiance. The table is adorned with your favorite flowers and the skyline provides a perfect backdrop for your dinner.
  • You both indulge in hearty conversations as you relish your favorite dishes, prepared by a private chef. The sound of the city below and stars above make the evening even more special. As the night progresses, you both lose track of time, soaking in the affable company of each other.
  • At the end of the date, a surprise awaits! A professional photographer captures beautiful moments of you both, under the Tajikistan night sky. These photos become your keepsake, making this romantic date etched in your memories forever.

Preparation steps:

  • First, you need to book a rooftop venue. Consider Hotel Tajikistan Rooftop for it has an amazing view of the city. Check if they allow private dinners and reserve a date priorly.
  • Next, hire a private chef who can prepare a meal according to your dietary preferences. Discuss the menu at length to ensure that the dinner will be to your satisfaction. Don't forget your favorite dessert at the end of the dinner for a sweet ending to your meal.
  • Organize the dΓ©cor. Let the venue organizers know that you want a romantic ambiance. Request candles, warm lights and table decorations with your favorite flowers. Also, remember to have a sound system in place to play your favorite soft music.
  • Lastly, hire a professional photographer to capture your precious moments. Discuss the schedule and the kind of photos you want - whether candid or posed, so that the photographer understands your expectations well.

Some tips:

  • Arrive at the venue a little early to make sure everything is arranged as per your preferences. Review the setup and make last moment changes if needed.
  • Dress appropriately for the dinner date as you would be under the stars. Though it might be warm in the day, the evening might turn out to be pleasantly cooler.
  • Be sure to surprise your partner at unexpected moments such as presenting them a special gift, or reminding them of a shared memory. This will make your date all the more special.

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