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Pervy Prom Night

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

Imagine it's prom night and you both are curious, naughty teenagers. Savor the sweet nostalgia of high school, with all the melodrama and sexual tension. Spiced up with adult fantasies and adventurous teasing, revisit your teenage years with an exhilarating role play that tickles your naughty side.

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  • Set on a warm October night, imagine the setting just outside of a traditional High School dance. The roles are simple. One of you is a virginal teenager, excited for their first explorations of desire, the other a confidently teasing partner, fully aware of their control over the situation, and delighting in it.
  • Let your imagination guide you in this scenario. Play up the virgin’s wide-eyed wonder and the increasingly risqué advances of the confident teaser. The focus is on light, playful power dynamics with an emphasis on consent and mutual enjoyment. Keep things light and mischievous, narrating your actions with exaggerated adolescent passion, naïvety, or knowing chuckles as best suits your character. The ending of your story is completely in your hands, and remember that the journey can often be just as exciting as the destination.
  • Explore the tease, the flirtation, the excitement of first times, and the buzz of adolescent desire. Experiment with 'first time' experiences, and keep up the teenage-infused excitement and raw passion.

Preparation steps:

  • Both of you should dress in somewhat exaggerated versions of High School Prom fashion. If you feel comfortable, consider incorporating subtly suggestive elements into your outfits. For example, the teaser might wear something a touch more revealing than would typically be allowed at a school dance, while the 'virgin' should look as earnest and keen as possible.
  • Set the stage beforehand. Choose a quiet outdoor place at your home or a secluded park area. Make sure it's free of people and suitable for the scenario. Maybe even set up a small picnic spot where you can 'wander off' to.
  • Get into character and decide on safe words prior to starting. It’s also a good idea to discuss each other’s boundaries, what's acceptable and what's not before you begin.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Remember, this scenario is focused on teasing and the excitement of first-time experiences. Use language and body language to build anticipation, create tension and extend the playful phase before moving to anything more explicit.
  • Even though you're acting out the characters of high school students, you're not really teenagers anymore. Remember to respect each other's boundaries and stop if anything gets uncomfortable.
  • The scenario can be as adventurous as you want. You could take a stroll reliving those teenage moments, share nostalgic jokes, play games you used to play or dance to cheesy old tunes on your portable speaker. Let your creative juices flow.

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