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Patient's Check-Up at the Home Clinic

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Budget: $0

Exhibit your caring side by playing the role of a doctor while your partner plays the vulnerable patient in need of your healing touch. Set up your mini home clinic and enjoy an evening of naughty check-ups.

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  • The roleplay starts as you, the doctor, receiving a call from a patient who is not feeling well. The patient can have a range of symptoms, from a racing heart to a feverβ€”of course, all excuses to see the doctor. You ask the patient to come to your home clinic for a thorough check-up. Throughout the evening, diagnose problems that require a lot of 'personal attention' and let the scenario naturally progress to frisky fun.
  • In this roleplay, communication is key. Talk to your patient about their symptoms, take their temperature, and listen to their heart. The check-up should be playful, allowing opportunities for flirtatious interaction. How you conclude the appointment wholly depends on your mutual desires and comfort level.
  • Remember, it's okay to step out of your character whenever you want. The idea is to strengthen your bond and enjoy each other's company in a fun, new way.

Preparation steps:

  • Before the roleplay, define the boundaries to ensure both of you are comfortable with the scenario. Discuss explicit consent and safe words to use, should any of you want to end the game immediately.
  • Set up an area of your home to act as the doctor's office, building an environment that matches the scenario. You can use simple things like a thermometer, pressure monitor, some bandages, or wear a lab coat to add a bit of realism. No real medical knowledge is needed; just be creative and have fun.
  • While getting into character, remember to stay true to your personality. You can add layers of intensity to your character, but make sure it is something both of you enjoy.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Make fun the priority, not just the intimate aspect of the roleplay. Enhance the experience by getting into character and focusing on the roleplay rather than rushing towards the end goal.
  • Feel free to break character and laugh at yourselves, this is supposed to strengthen your relationship and allow you to bond over shared laughter and lighthearted fun.
  • Always keep communication open and respect each other's boundaries. Remember, the main goal is to enjoy each other's company in a new and exciting way.

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