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Passionate Car Sales

Duration: 2-3 hours
Budget: $0

Indulge yourselves in a scenario of a car salesman and a prospect customer amidst the relaxing ambience of your home. Slip into character and let the passionate negotiations lead you to exciting interactions.

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  • In this scenario, one partner takes up the role of a high-flying car salesman, trying to make the sale of the year to a discerning customer who is the other partner. Start the scenario by creating an indoor setup that mimics a car showroom. Use furniture and props around the house to set the mood. The first act involves negotiation and persuasion. The 'customer' can keep the 'salesman' on his toes with a mix of playful flirting and strict demands.
  • As the scenario evolves, the 'salesman' can show off the 'car's' features, describing them in a seductive and enticing way. Introduce some physical contact as the 'salesman' assists the 'customer' into the 'car', fastening their 'seatbelt' and highlighting different 'features'.
  • The grand finale to your roleplay can be a successful 'test-drive'. The once-professional interaction between the prospective buyer and the persuasive salesman can slowly turn into a more sensual experience, giving both of you an exciting conclusion to the game.

Preparation steps:

  • This scenario involves no particular cost, the key elements are imagination and commitment to the characters. As a 'salesman', you need to dress appropriately, a button-down shirt and a pair of trousers would suffice. The 'customer' can wear something casual, yet stylish. Ensure the clothing choice for each partner enhances their role’s appeal.
  • To set the scene, make use of your living area, arranging chairs, sofas, or pillows to simulate the illusion of cars. You can use the television or a laptop as a 'presentation screen' to display the 'car models'. Include a few of your routine household items like a hairbrush or a bottle as the car's 'steering wheel' or 'gear stick.
  • Finally, indulge in some creative storytelling, prepare a script in advance if needed. Remember, the idea is to keep it light and exciting, throw in a pinch of humour to make the experience even more enjoyable.

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Some tips:

  • To make this roleplay scenario exciting and stimulating, create a balance between the real and fantasy world. Enjoy the negotiation part but also take pleasure in the seductive interactions.
  • Keep the conversation lively and fun, you are playing characters that allow you to step outside of your usual selves. Use this to your advantage to explore different dynamics and fuel the passion between you two.
  • If you feel confident and comfortable, you can also introduce some light bondage elements, using clothes or scarves as ties during the 'test drive'. But remember, effective communication is crucial. Keep checking in with your partner and make sure that both of you are having fun.

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