Parisian Wine Tasting Adventure date idea illustration

Parisian Wine Tasting Adventure

Duration: 2.5 hours
Budget: $80

This romantic adventure date takes you and your partner on a sensory journey through some of the most esteemed wine cellars in Paris. Guided by a highly knowledgeable winemaker, you will sample an array of luxurious French wines, nibble on gourmet cheeses and artisan breads, all in the cosiest of cellars. Explore the age-old process of wine making while deepening your love for one another. Add a bit of adventure to your romantic Parisian holiday with this humble yet sophisticated date idea.

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  • The date kicks off in a traditional French wine cellar, with dim lighting and a cozy intimate atmosphere. The experienced wine artisan serving as your guide for the evening will elevate each sip of wine with a well-curated backstory, entwining the history of the wine with the essence of your relationship.
  • As you sample each lush glass, you and your partner will be encouraged to evolve your own vocabulary for wine, discussing its colour, bouquet, and taste. Stepping into the world of connoisseurship, it's a delicate way of exchanging thoughts and enhancing your connection while savouring the finest tastes the cellars have to offer.
  • After your palettes are sated, you can take a leisurely stroll through the streets, absorbing the magic of Paris at night. As you wander hand in hand, it's the perfect opportunity to talk, laugh and share dreams, further cementing your bond.

Preparation steps:

  • Before the date, ensure to book your wine tasting experience. Remember, the best way to enjoy this day is by going in with an inquisitive mind. Ask questions, engage with the wine-makers, learn about each type of wine being presented. This not only benefits your understanding of the drink but also guarantees a good time for you and your partner.
  • Try out some wine tasting tips together before the date, it's a great way to get into the mood! Analyze the tone, the fragrance, and its taste. You don't need to become professional tasters, just a basic understanding of the process will enrich your experience at the winery.
  • Dress up, but don't overdress. The concept of this activity is to enhance the wine tasting experience, so step up a bit from your casual wear, but not so much that you compromise comfort. You'll be sitting for long periods and walking too, so comfortable yet elegant shoes are a must.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Make sure to have a full meal before you go. Although you'll have some light bites while wine tasting, it's not meant to substitute an actual meal. Having a full stomach can help you to appreciate the wine better and avoid getting too intoxicated too quickly.
  • Limit your tastings to 4-5 different wines. If you're new to wine, it's very easy to overindulge. Keep in mind that these are small samples, but they add up. Staying within the suggested limit will keep things fun and classy without the risk of getting too tipsy.
  • Research a bit on the region and type of wines you might encounter. Learning a bit about the variety of wines in France, the specific region they come from could help you to immerse yourself more into the experience. The winemakers will appreciate your interest.

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