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Parents Night In

Duration: 4 hours
Budget: $30

Enjoy some alone time with your partner, reconnecting after years of focusing on parenting. The Kids are finally away, and it's your time to savour each other's company.

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  • Begin the evening as two adults who have been given the luxury of free time. Start by cooking a simple yet delicious meal together. A pasta dinner with a cheap bottle of red wine is perfect for your low budget and indoor scenario. Share stories and laughs as you prepare the dinner together. The kitchen turns into an arena of cute fights, stolen smooches and culinary camaraderie.
  • After dinner, introduce a playful yoga session in your living room. Help each other with poses, increasing the physical contact and sparking a physical yet intimate bond between the two. A deep, meaningful conversation during the session will set the stage for a deeper emotional connection.
  • End the evening with a sensual massage. Transform your living room into a spa retreat with low lighting, comfy cushions, and relaxing spa music. Lavish attention on each other, relieving tension and emphasizing your connection. The massage session will gradually evolve into a romantic encounter that is sure to reignite the passion and intimacy that gets clouded amidst busy parenting schedules.

Preparation steps:

  • Set the stage by ensuring you won't be disturbed. Keep your phones on silent and make sure the kids will stay at grandma's for the night.
  • For dinner, gather all the ingredients you need for your chosen pasta dish and a budget-friendly yet tasty wine. Don't forget to check if you have massage oil for your later session, pick one with a soothing scent like lavender or chamomile.
  • For your yoga session, dress comfortably. Yoga mats are a must, but if you don't have one, a thick carpet or even a comfortable rug can work as a substitute. Finally, for the sensual massage session, gather comfy cushions for padding and ensure the room's ambience by dimming the lights or using candles for soft, warm lighting.

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Some tips:

  • Remember this night is about intimacy and connection, not just physical. Unplug from your devices, focus on each other, and above all, have fun.
  • Communication is key. Engage in meaningful conversations and remember to listen as well. Speak about the things you love about each other, the memories you cherish and plans you have for the future.
  • Since you are parents, spontaneity might not have been a part of your lives for a long time. This roleplay scenario is a chance to bring back the element of surprise and improv. In your conversations, the games or even during the massage, keep your partner on their toes for a playful and memorable night.

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