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Night in the Art Studio

Duration: 3 hours
Budget: $0

Experience a relaxing and creative evening in a home art studio where the couple play art students

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  • Your living room might be looking like an old art studio tonight. Set the scene by placing drawings, sketches, and art supplies around the room. Both of you start the evening by relaxing and sharing some college stories. As the evening progresses, you find yourselves trying to complete a joint art project. You keep passing the drawing back and forth, each adding an element to it. You take a break for a wholesome meal – some sandwiches and coffee before continuing. The evening ends with a gorgeous piece of art born out of joint ideas, efforts, and passions.
  • Now that the atmosphere is relaxed and the artwork is complete, it's time for some sweet, slow student romance. The setup remains the same; only the roles now shift from 'working on the project' to 'admiring the work and the artist'. With gentle touch, you start sketching each other, admiring the wonder that is your lover. The intense gazing, the fun chit-chat, all leads up the passion gently, while maintaining an overall calm and loving atmosphere.
  • You initiated the evening as fellow art students, you participated in an art project. Now you have evolved your relationship into something more profound. An art student admiring his beautiful muse and vice versa, loving each other’s every move and every thought, offering constructive praise and subtle touches here and there creates an ambience that is both romantic and arousing.

Preparation steps:

  • Firstly, prepare your art studio. You will need a comfortable living room space with art supplies – drawing paper, pencils, erasers, etc. Arrange the studio such that both of you can sit comfortably opposite each other. Secondly, prepare your snacks. Sandwiches and coffee or similar light snacks would suffice. Lastly, gather some romantic, soft music to play in the background. You could also light some aromatic candles to create a cozy and relaxed ambience.
  • Get into the role of art students. You can wear some casual student outfits to bring back the nostalgia of your college years. Creating the perfect art studio environment will require a bit of effort but the results will be worth it. Have all your art supplies handy.
  • Remember, the art you create has secondary importance. The main purpose of this scenario is to communicate indirectly with your partner and share an emotional and creative connection. Focus on how you express your feelings through subtle touches, the strokes of your art supplies, and the choice of subjects for your art.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Add colorful lights in the room to create a colorful and romantic atmosphere. Also, remember to keep the conversation light and sweet. The goal of this scenario is to foster a loving and appreciating atmosphere between both of you and hence, the conversation should revolve around college times, funny anecdotes, and the art you're creating. This would create a relaxed and wholesome atmosphere.
  • If you aren't great artists, don't worry! The purpose here isn't to create a masterpiece but to enjoy the activity. Your focus should be on enjoying the process of drawing and painting together rather than trying to draw or paint perfectly. The primary goal of the action is to communicate, understand, appreciate each other and create a bond that lasts forever.
  • If you want to take it a step further, you can even paint each other's bodies. As long as you both are comfortable and it adds to the fun, consider giving it a shot. Making the night an interactive one, cherishing each other’s company while being creative, is the main aim of the evening. The whole scenario should end with both of you feeling loved and relaxed.

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